Ways to Keep Up on Your Healthy Lifestyle

Ways to Keep Up on Your Healthy Lifestyle
When you think of ways to keep up on your healthy lifestyle, you think of the usual things — starting with eating healthy. This and others are good suggestions, but sometimes mixing this and other suggestions with a busy schedule gets to be difficult.

Eat healthy

When busy, substitute fruit for a less healthy item. Leave the sodas out and drink water or a healthy juice (i.e. one that is low in added sugar content). If you are struggling with junk food issues, make a compromise with yourself and gradually cut back. This way you will not notice the change in diet, but your body will — for the better.


This is stated over and over, but people complain about not having enough time to do it. This is particularly irritating for desk workers. There is a solution. Take the time to exercise for three minutes, do this in the way of stretches. This will keep the muscles flexible and you will feel lees tired when you are finished with sitting all day. This will give you a feeling of energy and give you the drive to get going on that jogging or biking routine you have designated for yourself.

Drink Water

Everyone knows to do this, but so many people do not heed this advice. One way to handle this is to select a number of bottles of water to drink and place them aside. Some people drink two glasses of water with each meal. Still others place a specific amount in a container and make a commitment to finish it over the course of a day. Your water drinking regiment must be geared to your lifestyle and schedule. Drinking water will keep swelling down in the body and help blood flow. With this, more nutrients will reach the necessary areas of the body.

Keep Clothing Size

Never go out and buy bigger clothes. This is a mistake people do without thinking. Once you reach a particular weight and realize your clothes are getting tight it is time to push back from the table. This idea will keep you relatively the same size. Buying bigger clothes is the easy way out. If you refuse to buy bigger sizes, you will look at the things you are eating and begin to cut away a lot of high calorie and unhealthy foods.

Reward Yourself

Treat yourself to a special treat once or twice a week. Total deprivation only makes you want it more — but do not fill your home with treats. If you have the forbidden junk food on hand, chances are you will eat it. There are healthy treats that are just as good. Learn to prepare them in a flavorful way.

Pick Eating Places

Some restaurants are known for having great, calorie-loaded foods. Stay clear. They are fine every once in a while but some people frequent them regularly. Not good. Avoiding these places is one of the ways to keep on your healthy lifestyle.

Prep Healthy Snacks

With so many temptations to break your healthy lifestyle regimen, staying on track can get difficult. On bored evenings, slice tomatoes and place them in containers with celery sticks and carrots. Make yourself delicious blends of juices and other foods that are great for you and can be kept without loosing their nutritional value.

Eating properly is not very difficult when you have the time to sit down to a scheduled meal — but with many busy single-parent families, going home each evening to a sit-down dinner each night is very unlikely. Meeting friends and attending sports practices can easily put anyone on a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways to keep up your healthy lifestyle — just be creative. Talk to friends, no matter how successful a diet seems, everyone needs support. Keep a video diary, and watch how your body progresses for the better. This will give you the incentive to keep going.


Alison Souvlaki loves vegan cooking, extended hikes, and is a contributing author at Best Travel Insurance.

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