Hidden fees that support the Covered California budget

Covered California magically produces dollars from hidden fees on health plans.

Hidden within every health plan sold through Covered California is a fee to fund their operation. This per member per month (pmpm) fee applies to both individual and family plans, small group plans sold through the exchange and adult dental plans if they are ever offered. These fees, paid by the health plans and insurance […]


How much do health insurance agents earn?

Health insurance agents will work for food since the commission are so low.

There was time when an insurance agent could make a decent living enrolling individuals, families and small groups into health insurance plans. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent downward pressure on commission rates, agents can still earn a living selling health insurance but it is not without its challenges. The […]


Covered California promotes annoying telemarketing constest

Covered California contest will help winners place annoying sales calls to prospects.

Covered California solidified its role as a big marketing machine for health insurance by announcing a contest to promote its Small Business Health Option Program or SHOP. The top producer of quotes for the Covered California small group health plans will win 100 hours of telemarketing according a sales seminar slide shown during their seventh sales […]


Surviving medical debt and restoring your credit rating


Even with the Affordable Care Act extending health insurance to millions of Americans, medical debt can still be a burden to many families. Toni Turner of Financial Education Services was kind enough to put together this summary of surviving medical debt and restoring damaged credit ratings Surviving medical debt A serious illness or injury can […]


Crowd sourcing my website design

Website design survey for insuremekevin

I am the first to admit that when it comes to designing my website I’m walking through a dark room with a blind fold over my eyes. Because I have gotten various critiques, both positive and negative, from professional website designers and visitors, I decided I would do a little crowd sourcing with designing my […]


Is it time for health agents to organize?

Is it time for health agents to organize a guild to advocate for reforms?

As the date for the ACA open enrollment approached, most health insurance agents were nervous about what to expect and what role they might play in helping clients enroll in the new health plans. This anxiety was enhanced by the cold shoulder given them by Covered California and the health insurance companies in terms of training and information. At the end of open enrollment, many agents felt as if they had been abandoned by the carriers and Covered California while trying to help their clients. This has left some agents wondering if now is the time to organize into a guild and work for better training, enrollment tools and fair compensation for the assistance they provide to their clients.


Starbucks turns drought water into big cash flow

Even in drought, Starbucks finds great cash flow from Folsom Lake water.

How much is water worth? For Starbucks, they are able to take $0.66 worth of Folsom Lake water and convert it into $11,668.80 dollars. The San Juan Water District, who treats and delivers drought depleted Folsom Lake water to residential and commercial customers, is asking homeowners to use less water and pay more for it while company’s like Starbucks generate handsome revenues from residential conservation. The current and proposed Stage 3 Water Warning rate structure continues to have residential customers pay more per unit than Starbucks and other commercial uses who use the water to create revenue and profits.


Sony Vaio Fit 15E fails at wi-fi

Sony Vaio Fit 15E failed wi-fi connection.

I was visited by everyone’s worst nightmare; a computer that crashes in the middle of a vital project. As I browsed the local computer store, I decided to lean on the old adage of “you get what you pay for” and decided to pay the extra money for a Sony Vaio Fit 15E. Much to my surprise, I got less than what I paid for as this Sony notebook computer fails at the critical task of maintaining a wireless or wi-fi connection for more than a couple of minutes.


Blogging for entertainment and information

The Internet is either for entertainment or information.

People turn to the Internet for two things: entertainment and information. If you’re not producing content focused on one of those two areas, you may not be getting that much traffic to your website. If you want to get visitors to your blog or website you need to create content that is either entertainment or information oriented.


Covered California SHOP is a Flop

Covered California SHOP broken.

With no website and no functioning customer service, Covered California’s SHOP for small groups has ceased to exist. There may be a glimmer of hope for a return, but it is painfully apparent that SHOP is wrestling above its weight class. Whether their total melt-down is a function of poor vision and management from Covered California executive management and Board is anyone’s guess. That is a moot point when small groups that earnestly wanted to support and participate in the ACA have been handed plate of food contaminated with mold and weevils.