The karma of free health insurance advice

Kevin Knauss contemplates the karma of giving free health insurance advice.

You remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for”? Free advice is worth exactly what it costs – nothing! Correct? Maybe, unless you believe in karma. Can you trust free advice on health insurance? I suppose you have to consider the source and your options. ACA health insurance market place is complicated All […]


“An Unspoken Compromise”, exploring a transgender man’s relationship with his parents

The journey of a Nigerian transgender man.

Occasionally we all need a reminder that our lives are not the center of the universe and our neighbor’s journey may have had challenges that would make most us wilt. Rizi Timane’s ebook “An Unspoken Compromise” is a short but illuminating account of his journey from young Nigerian girl to adult man. As a transgender man, the unspoken compromise allows the author to maintain a silk thin connection with his fundamentalist Christian parents as he finally transitions in the United States.


Granite Bay rallies to support The Laramie Project

Granite Bay parents show support for Rainbow and The Laramie Project

Under the bright glow of the Granite Bay High School LED monument sign, local residents and students gathered to rally in support of the school play The Laramie Project. The famously anti-gay, hate filled, military funeral protesting Westboro Baptist Church had hinted that they might protest the LGBT themed play’s opening.


Catherine’s House HIV/AIDS Retreat Center and Organic Farm


Upon first glance, all the connections between Catherine’s House retreat center for HIV/AIDS patients, the organic gardens, and the Catholic Worker Farm can be as confusing as examining the gears of a mechanical clock. But if you look closely you’ll see how all the different parts mesh together within this community to measure the seasons and provide “time” for visitors and members to grow.


Sacrament of Gay Marriage comes to Trinity Cathedral

In addition to the two great sacraments descending from the New Testament, Holy Baptism and Holy Eucharist, the other sacraments associated with many Christian churches are confirmation, ordination, holy matrimony, reconciliation of a penitent and unction of the sick. With the exception of reconciliation and unction, all the sacraments can be administered and celebrated during a normal worship service.


Boycott Russian Olympics To Support Gay Rights

After years of repression by the defunct Soviet Union, the Russian Orthodox Church is extracting their revenge by promoting repressive civil liberty legislation in their new democratic environment. Patriarch Kirill has been supportive of the Russian Duma to pass, and President Putin to sign,  legislation restricting the civil rights of gays and lesbians to fly […]


Love your neighbor as yourself, Support Health Care Reform

As the nation prepares for the big roll out of outreach and education for the new health care reform state insurance exchanges, the fact can’t be obscured that actively advocating for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is in direct opposition to the holy scripture of many religious faiths to care for your neighbor […]


The Ideological Battle in Egypt

Often sitting in the West we have a highly distorted view of what actually is happening on the ground in the Middle East. Amidst all of the unrest of the past two days, most media outlets have focused on the strength of the opposition and that the army is representative of the will of the […]


Will Mormon missionaries start trolling Facebook for recruits?

  It was a quick sharing of an article to Facebook on how Mormon missionaries will be using social media in their out reach efforts that started the conversation. I prefaced the news story with “First we had to worry about perverts targeting our children on the Internet, now it’s the Mormon Church.” That prompted […]