Uniting the States with ACA and Gay Marriage Decisions

United means that all states must respect constitutional rights and liberties.

Two Supreme Court opinions involving the Affordable Care Act and gay marriage have the net effect of uniting the states to act as one country. The tenth amendment to the constitution gives a fair amount of power to the states to enact laws that can directly conflict or undermine national policy set by the federal […]


Residents must conserve so Placer County can sell water to Bay Area

Placer county American River water to be sold to East Bay MUD as Placer County residents are forced to conserved and some Californians have no water in their homes.

In a May 18th op-ed in the Sacramento Bee Even in a drought, selling some water makes sense, Einar Maisch, General Manager of the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) argued his agency was merely fulfilling their environmental duty to release 12,000 acre feet of water into the American River so it can be sold to […]


Covered California sours liberals on health care reform

The experience of Covered California has left a sour taste in consumers.

It was in February 2013 that I wrote a glowing post about the imminent launch of the Covered California website. Thousands of individuals and families across California were full of hope and optimism as Covered California looked to be on track to fulfill the long awaited promise of access to health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Two […]


Prop. 45: good or bad for California?

Enhanced California Majority Report photo, Dave Jones Insurance Commissioner.

The health insurance rate regulating Proposition 45 on the November ballot is relatively simple in that it attempts to curb excessive premium increases by health  insurance companies by allowing the Insurance Commission to deny any rate he or she deems as being unreasonable high. California, on the other hand, has developed a complex review process for rate […]


Agents unite to bash Prop. 45

The super hero of insurance companies, not consumers.

Insurance agents are uniting to bash and defeat Prop. 45, the California ballot initiative that would give the Insurance Commission the power to deny excessive health insurance premium rate increases. The latest campaign rhetoric by agents makes Prop. 45 sound worse than the Affordable Care Act. This organized opposition to Prop. 45 only serves to […]


Insurance agents forced to register new voters in California

Insurance agents mandated to assist with voter registration in California.

At the September Covered California Board meeting the members voted to adopt voter registration regulations that will mandate that Certified Enrollment Counselors (CEC) and Certified Insurance Agents (CIA) offer voter registration assistance to individuals that are applying for health insurance through the state exchange. In essence, CECs and CIA will now be doing volunteer work […]


Democrats, don’t ask me for money

Democrats that have not supported the ACA will not get my money.

At the dawning of a new era in the United States as we lurch and stumble forward to fulfilling a dream of affordable health insurance for all our residents, I have been disappointed at how many Democratic leaders that helped pass President Obama’s signature first term accomplishment have been missing in action now that the Affordable Care Act is being implemented. When we need political and representational leadership most, the Democrats have abandon ship. To the Democratic Party I say, “Don’t ask me for money for your campaigns.”


San Juan Water District allows exclusive Granite Bay Golf Club cheap water during drought

Granite Bay Golf Club to receive subsidized water during the drought.

San Juan Water District dedicated their February Board meeting to reviewing the impending water shortage created by a drought shrunken Folsom Lake and the necessity for increasing retail water rates in their Granite Bay service area. While there was discussion on potential mandatory outdoor water restrictions, non-residential customers such as the exclusive Granite Bay Golf Club seem to escape any meaningful rate increase in the proposals.


New water rate model for California drought

California's drought demands a new water rate structure to induce conservation.

With the impending drought in California we are long over due for a residential water rate restructuring. No longer can we continue to price water based on water district’s budgets to meet their financial goals. We need a reality based seasonally adjusted water rate structure model that should be based on a consumer’s lot size, home type and the specific climate of the region. Such a rate structure would give homeowners and irrigation managers a benchmark on how much water they should be using and real incentives to conserve.


Granite Bay rallies to support The Laramie Project

Granite Bay parents show support for Rainbow and The Laramie Project

Under the bright glow of the Granite Bay High School LED monument sign, local residents and students gathered to rally in support of the school play The Laramie Project. The famously anti-gay, hate filled, military funeral protesting Westboro Baptist Church had hinted that they might protest the LGBT themed play’s opening.