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Insurance agents forced to register new voters in California

Posted September 18, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Insurance agents mandated to assist with voter registration in California.

At the September Covered California Board meeting the members voted to adopt voter registration regulations that will mandate that Certified Enrollment Counselors (CEC) and Certified Insurance Agents (CIA) offer voter registration assistance to individuals that are applying for health insurance through the state exchange. In essence, CECs and CIA will now be doing volunteer work […]

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Democrats, don’t ask me for money

Posted March 2, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Democrats that have not supported the ACA will not get my money.

At the dawning of a new era in the United States as we lurch and stumble forward to fulfilling a dream of affordable health insurance for all our residents, I have been disappointed at how many Democratic leaders that helped pass President Obama’s signature first term accomplishment have been missing in action now that the Affordable Care Act is being implemented. When we need political and representational leadership most, the Democrats have abandon ship. To the Democratic Party I say, “Don’t ask me for money for your campaigns.”

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Granite Bay Golf Club to receive subsidized water during the drought.

San Juan Water District dedicated their February Board meeting to reviewing the impending water shortage created by a drought shrunken Folsom Lake and the necessity for increasing retail water rates in their Granite Bay service area. While there was discussion on potential mandatory outdoor water restrictions, non-residential customers such as the exclusive Granite Bay Golf Club seem to escape any meaningful rate increase in the proposals.

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New water rate model for California drought

Posted February 5, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
California's drought demands a new water rate structure to induce conservation.

With the impending drought in California we are long over due for a residential water rate restructuring. No longer can we continue to price water based on water district’s budgets to meet their financial goals. We need a reality based seasonally adjusted water rate structure model that should be based on a consumer’s lot size, home type and the specific climate of the region. Such a rate structure would give homeowners and irrigation managers a benchmark on how much water they should be using and real incentives to conserve.

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Granite Bay rallies to support The Laramie Project

Posted January 30, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Granite Bay parents show support for Rainbow and The Laramie Project

Under the bright glow of the Granite Bay High School LED monument sign, local residents and students gathered to rally in support of the school play The Laramie Project. The famously anti-gay, hate filled, military funeral protesting Westboro Baptist Church had hinted that they might protest the LGBT themed play’s opening.

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An alternative to the Individual Mandate

Posted January 29, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Individual Mandate Alternative

The Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act psychologically chafes folks who don’t appreciate the government telling them what they have to purchase. Count me in that segment. If one of the goals of the Individual Mandate is to make people take responsibility for expensive health care, an alternative might be an unforgivable tax liability on those people who have chosen to forego health insurance and incur large medical expanses that go unpaid.

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Cheap water doesn't encourage conservation.

With Gov. Brown declaring California is in an official drought, some water districts in Northern California must now get serious about making their customers conserve water. At least one water district rewards consumers for higher consumption with lower rates. With cheap water, where is the incentive to conserve?

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Covered California makes me want to vote Republican

Posted January 14, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Covered California make me want to vote Republican

I’ve tolerated the many failures of Covered California until yesterday when they absolutely refused to help an applicant that has been left without health insurance. Miss B’s situation where her application has mysteriously become lost after allegedly being transmitted to the carrier is not unique to me or Covered California.

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California Republicans: sick people cost too much

Posted December 2, 2013 By Kevin Knauss
Republicans are mad that ACA offers health insurance to sick people.

The California Assembly Republican Caucus has declared that people with pre-existing conditions are the root cause of escalating health care costs. From their statements on their website Covering Health Care: A California Resource Guide, one can only come to the conclusion that California Republicans feel that sick people should be denied guarantee issue health insurance so premiums of healthy people won’t be adversely affected.

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McClintock shuts down cancer treatment for Michelle Langbehn

Posted October 15, 2013 By Kevin Knauss
Patrick Stelmach of California Fair Share and Michelle Langbehn who is fighting cancer and missing potential treatment because of the federal supported by Rep. Tom McClintock.

A rally at Congressman McClintock’s (R-CA) Granite Bay office featured Michelle Langbehn, a constituent of Rep. McClintock, speaking on how the federal government has interrupted her potential life saving cancer treatment from the National Institute of Health. Representative McClintock has been an early and ardent supporter of shutting down the federal government in an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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