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    Some people see insurance plans as abstract and mysterious things that only cost money without producing any immediate results; others believe that some sort of insurance is necessary — it depends on the needs of the individual. Here are some things that you might want to consider in order to answer the question: why take…
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    One afternoon I was with my 'Sales Leader' working with a couple applying for health insurance, when I noticed that we were missing a document. I started to excuse myself to go out to the car and retrieve it. The 'Sales Leader' shot me a look, raised his hand and said in a whispered voice,…
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    Why do I need health insurance when I am super fit? Why do I need health insurance when I never go to the doctor? Never going to see a doctor because you don't get sick is great! But health insurance serves other functions in addition to the occasional office visit for a sore throat. On…
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    Individual and Family Plan - California Health insurance companies and health plans Kevin Knauss represents. If highlighted in blue, the links will take you to pages within the Insure Me Kevin website with more information on the carrier and documents about their health plans. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of California Chinese Community Health Plan Cigna Health…
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