Integrated Medical & Comp.

Anthem Blue Cross and EMPLOYERS workers’ compensation have teamed up to provide a unique integrated small group health program and workers’ compensation package.

Benefits include:

24-hour coverage
Discounted workers’ compensation insurance premiums for qualifying employers
Consolidated invoices
Quick Claim response
Prompt benefit payment
Managed care approach
Fraud and loss control services
Ease of administration
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Integrated MediComp
You will save 10% on workers’ compensation policy through EMPLOYERS and you may qualify for additional savings on your Anthem Blus Cross Small Group Medical Plan.
>Wide variety of loss control services available to Integrated MediComp policyholders.
>Employee’s family physician can treat both personal illness and work-related injuries.
>A nurse oversees the medical treatment of complex lost-time injuries.
>Toll-free, 24 hour reporting service available to assist policy holders in reporting claims.
>Single consolidated bill for both health plan and workers’ compensation.
>Plus many other benefits.

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