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Health Care ReformIf you have a pre-existing condition that makes you ‘uninsurable’ for an individual or family policy in California, you don’t have many alternatives. With luck, health care reform will open up your options for health insurance in 2014. Until then:

1. Have you been denied health insurance? If you have always been in a guarantee issue group plan, you won’t know if your condition is ‘uninsurable’ until you apply or request an opinion from a carrier. There are many conditions for which a health insurance policies can be under written, but you will receive a rate increase over the standard rates.

2. Have you been without health insurance for 6 months or more? If yes, and a decline for individual insurance, you are probably eligible for the California Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. It is a good plan for the money. You can get a quote on my website. It is guarantee issue if you meet the 2 criteria (denial and 6 months). If I am the writing agent the State of California will pay me $50 total. There is also the MRMIP from California but it more restriction on entry.

3. Gather as much information as possible about your condition. When applying for health insurance, the more details, dates, physicians, prescriptions, etc. that you can provide, the easier it is for the underwriters to make an accurate decision. Underwriters for the large insurance companies do make mistakes and sometimes they get ‘mis-information’. I have seen policies issues after denial when the record was set straight with more detailed information.

4. Be careful of small group association plans, discount cards or hospital indemnity insurance (they pay you cash if you are hospitalized). None of those are health insurace and will provide little relief from doctor, lab, imaging, and hospital bills.

5. If you are coming off of COBRA coverage, you are probably looking for an alternative to the really expensive HIPAA policies. HIPAA policies are guarantee issue but they are not guaranteed affordable. If you are truly uninsurable and you can not afford a HIPAA plan there are few alternatives.

Because there are a variety of issues and a couple programs, feel free to call me and I can work to track down some information that might be of assistance to you.

If you live in Sacramento county and need help with prescription drug costs check out

or nationwide Partnership for Prescription Assistance

You might also gleen a little more information about your particular situation at

Foundation for Health Insurance Education

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