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Welcome to my Trailer Park page for Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours.

It Takes a Trailer Park

My Antsy McClain signed book, "Walker & Kev, this book will change your life.-Antsy"

I have been a fan of the Trailer Park ever since I heard them on the
Nevada City community radio station KVMR. The music of Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours is a mixture of country, rock-a-billy, blues, rock and a few wash tubs and tin cans thrown in. The lyrics are fun, as you may have noticed from my tweets, and are family friendly. There are not many bands I could take my 10 year old son to and not wince at the lyrics and audience.

My measurement of how much I like a band is if I sing out loud in the car and if my mood is lifted. Both always happen when I crank up the Trailer Park. Many of their songs pay homage to life in a trailer park, Pine View Heights. But for all the humor, they are careful not to be hurtful or denigrating to past or present residents who live in trailer parks across the country. We have been to several of their concerts in Nevada City, Davis and Winters, CA.

Blog post of the June 15th, 2012, concert at the Roseville Theater. With crummy pictures worthy of a trailer park photographer: me.

If you liked my “modified” tweets of their lyrics, check out their music at  I am not being paid, nor do I receive any compensation from any sales of their music. I created this page to acknowledge my appreciation of their music and how much it has helped me through some difficult times.

Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours


Naked and blue in the delivery room, if I had my way, I never would have left the womb.
The only time I have ever grown is when I got pushed out of my comfort zone.
If you think what you are building will be obsolete, you’re wrong, sing a happy song.
Take a deep breath and hold it, grab onto something strong and sing out another happy song.
Momma didn’t raise no fools, I’m a product of the public schools.
Life is a circus, crazy and outrageous, the greatest show on earth. >Next to Twitter
Strangers are just a friend waiting to happen. >Howdy stranger, I don’t bite.
It’s hard to start a war when you are laughing. > Dictators are way too serious.
Turned on the TV, watched the news, is it any wonder we’re fighting the blues.
A bummer is nothing but a good time passing you by.
Turn off the TV, look around the room, the good times are playing but you need to know the tune.
You’ve tossed me in the junk drawer of your heart. >I guess I’ve outlived my utility.
The coupons have all expired in the junk drawer of your heart. >Smiles 50% off
When you got 5 kids in a double wide, there ain’t no place for a man to hide.
Big screen TV, big boy recliner, just a bitter reminder of everything rolling by me. >YCDBSOYA
It’s not the caffeine that gets me hoppin’ it’s the feeling you get going clearance sale shoppin’.
I’m living in the moment because that’s all we get. I’m dreaming that the best hasn’t got here yet.
I’ve got a burlap heart and a duct taped soul holding me together should the good times roll.
The secret in life is being happy with your lot in life baby and I’m pretty happy here in Lot #9.
There’s no better way to test your metal than living in a semi-precious metal neighborhood.> Airstream
Don’t forget another rule of living. The aluminum rule, you shall enjoy the ride.> Airstream
Having it all is like putting up a wall around you. You’ll be a slave to the treasure as you measure every nickle and dime.
Soon you’ll see a big pile of debris around you and I’ll be sure to send you a postcard of freedom sometime.
The back road to hell is full of man made curves and the devil gets more credit than he deserves.
He had a thing with the bottle that made him feel like a young John Wayne. >WEAVE
Joan of Arkansas, just a Little Rock girl with big time dreams. >don’t mess with her.
The trailer went up fast and now its smokin’ like a rack of short ribs> drunk guy got his, Joan of Arkansas.
She got herself tied to a big mistake, if she doesn’t cut herself loose it will be too late, Joan of Arkansas.
I’m a little insane, but I sure can throw a great toga party.
I’m a die hard party hopper, I don’t let mental instability stop me or her.
You can call me crazy, but you can’t call me dull, I put the “funk” in dysfunctional.
Some people call it exploitation, but there’s a party at my house tonight and I haven’t been taken my medication.
I was just flipped off by a silver haired old lady with a honk if you love Jesus sticker on the bumper of her car.
I wanna live in a billboard: I wanna be with that laughing gal.
I wanna live in a billboard: and say goodbye to this cold cruel world.
I wanna live in a billboard: I’ll be the life all the parties with a winning smile and a rock hard body.
I wanna live in a billboard: I’ll have no need for prozac with long black hair that always grows back.
I wanna live in a billboard: Where life is safe and conventional and all my friends are one dimensional.
I wanna live in a billboard: Where all my friends are shallow but larger than life.
I wanna live in a billboard: You gonna wish you were this lucky guy, but I’ll ignore you when you drive on by.
I wanna live in a billboard: I’ll be so complacent because my smiling face will be next to a gov. project slum.
I wanna live in a billboard: Under a slogan that says buy this beer and selling the dream to the American dreamer.
Our love was alive but now it’s DOA, now I’m just another poor squatter at the KOA.
I’m just a KOA refugee.. I’m putting down stakes..locking the brakes..where’s the next turn taking me.
I dropped off the fast lane..I’m calling it quits..Caution wide turns.. I’m a KOA refugee
This concrete slab I have the trailer parked on makes a poor substitution for my own front lawn..I’m a KOA refugee
Magellan, Gypsy you can call me what fits..I dropped off the fast lane.. I’m calling it quits.. I’m a KOA refugee
I’m a single axle man running low on grease with a cinder block tire stop  keeping me from rolling away.
If I take a look around past my own RV.. I see a lot of other souls down and out like me..KOA refugees.
Hold me now, because I might just fall apart without your arms around me like duct tape on my heart.
Holy Cow, don’t yell at me that way. Your sweet talk made me love you but prozac made me stay.
When I sit down the room stops spinning and I’m back inside my happy place where everything’s OK
The world is all warm and squishy all covered up with fuzz and lovin you is easy when I got this prozac buzz.
She had eye brows plucked thinner than a razors edge, she smelled like popcorn, quaker state and Lemon Pledge
Full moon nights, Pine View Heights, the buzz of cicadas and jigger bites> life was good.
It was love at first sight, it sounds corny I guess, but I was looking at angel in a gunny sack dress> 2nd grade
City lights glowing beyond the trees..the smell of lake water riding on the breeze> Pine Veiw Heights
Akel was a barber, he’d give you history lesson and I learned about the birds and bees sitting in his chair
You know it ain’t good to be livin’ in the past, just looky what you’re missing when you run to fast
They were just 2 underachievers in a sleepy one horse town, fate brought them together so they said.
He had a face you can’t remember, even when he hung around, but it didn’t a lot to turn her head.
He’ll never be a diamond, but to her he’s bright enough, he’s a cubic zirconium in the rough.
She’s in her brown fuzzy slippers and mustard colored terry cloth robe: I married up.
She’s got her mail order Richard Petty ear rings dangling from each lobe: I married up.
She’s got her hair up in rollers and the rollers are Mountain Dew cans: I married up.
She’s a picture of grace with that grilled cheese and spam in her hand: I married up.
My life is better than a day dream..I married up..and now we’re livin’ in her Airstream.
I’m all about social status..I married up..she even knows her dad is.
I was a mess before I met my wife. I don’t know how I’d cross the street, hold a fork or lift the seat without her.
She could do better if her confidence would let her but it led her down the road to me: I married up.
7 years later I am still the benefactor of a woman’s low self esteem: I married up.
I give my woman all the credit…cards: I married up. And now she won’t let me forget it.
If I was Ron Howard’s brother, I’d have a iron clad career, I’d have a house by the ocean, do 1 or 2 movies every year.
If I was Ron Howard’s brother, I’d have it made in the shade, hang aroung with famous people like Jim Belushi and Randy Quaid
If I was Ron Howard’s brother, I’d still be getting’ check from Disney and show the rug I made from Gentle Ben
Her eyes were so inviting, like the steamy diner windows on a cold winter day.
We could see our breath in my old Chevrolet, it was cold but she loved me and I had to stop time.> High school dates
There’s nothing like falling in love in America, especially when the red buds are in bloom.
I’ve never once been to Paris, but I’ve held hands with Jessica Harris and there’s nothing like falling in love in America.
Those writers in Cosmo they don’t know a thing. There’s nothing like Kentucky in Spring and fallen in love in Amercia.
America, give us your lonely and broken, the hopeless still hoping, lift up the heart still aching and the yet to be taken
A dance at a H.S. gym, the kids line the walls like their facing a firing squad, they don’t realize how bright and beautiful they are.
It all comes down to perspective, our vision just needs resurrecting, we take so much for granted when so much comes free.
There’s a lot to be said about contentment, but what is better: a mansion full of money or a trailer full of love?
There’s a lot to be said about conviction, but don’t forget another rule of living: Thou shall enjoy the ride
All that was left were the concrete blocks and a string of patio lites when she left with my single wide
I put some gell in my my hair, I was ready to flirt with my polyester shirt with a motif of  holstien cow.
I had on my purple plaid blazer, it’s a real hair raiser, ready to find me a trailer park gal.
I’m sure to be embarassed in the morning  babe, but I’m have a good time tonight: trailer park party
Trailer was swaying and the 8 tracks were playing, I was dancing just like Fred Astaire.
All the ladies inside had their black roots dyed with a pound of shellac in their hair: trailer park party
There was a cloud in the room from all the Avon perfume and the smell of Old Spice everywhere: trailer park party
I’ve got a hunch you can keep me from the punch and I’d still be a hideous sight: trailer park party
We don’t ask where it came from: Aunt Buelah’s road kill overcoat
Poly and me got tired of living with her parents so we marched on over to Uncle Ledford’s mobile homes
It ain’t home til you take the wheels off and it’s up on blocks: trailer park living
There’s nothing like your very own mobile home spot, your very own red neck Camelot
It warms my heart to see Polly hanging up our laundry with the kids tossing lawn darts over my BVD’s
Bobby Jack Miller wore dark sox, green air walks and bermudas: the croquet king
Bobby Jack Miller, the croquet king, has a nine ring swing.
Bobby Jack Miller was killed in Manilla at a croquet camp in his honor: the croquet king.
Let me tell you brother it takes a well rounded women to satisfy me: skinny women ain’t hip
Bony aint beautiful, bite your lip: skinny women ain’t hip
All those models in their skin tight jeans, a model ain’t super if she ain’t got a butt: skinny women aint hip
Give me trailer park Tammy or single wide Sue, they could show Calvin Klein a thing or two: skinny women ain’t hip
If you’re as skinny as a rail and you think your hot, not to be rude, give me a call when you’re on solid food.
This Barbie doll thing is all in your mind, quit starving yourself, you look just fine: skinny women ain’t hip
The folkabilly shuffle, gonna dance all night  with the punch spiked with Boones Farm wine.
Tammy’s hot in 4″ pumps, she’s got a of way moving that gives a man goose bumps: the folkabilly shuffle
Tamy’s denim skirt: little weak at the seams in a tube top full of every school boys dreams:the folkabilly shuffle
The folkabilly shuffle ain’t a hard thing to do, put some swing in your hip and some life in your shoe
Double wide and Dangerous: life in a trailer park.
With a can of Skoal in the pocket of her denim dress she’ll always be my trailer park princess
As long as there’s a trailer park in dixie, she’ll always be my trailer park princess
Up in heaven they have many mansions, but I’m a simple man, just give me a single wide in the trailer park.
Jesus don’t you go to too much trouble, just give me a single wide in heaven
I hope they got a trailer park in heaven, if they don’t, I might think twice before go.
I don’t need a fancy house in heaven, I was born a red neck and that ain’t changing once I die.
My truck won’t need no streets of gold, just some jumper cables when it gets cold: trailer park heaven
I hope they got a trailer park in heaven, but it won’t be no paradise with out Wal Mart up the road.
There’s something about U that brings out the rebel in me, I feel so reckless and free when U R here with me.
You make me want to run with scissors and hold my arm out the window, you make me feel reckless and free.
I clap off the TV, but I’d love to turn you on: I wish I had clapper to your heart
Clap on when I need you, clap off when I don’t, I need a clapper to your heart.
We must have a bad connection darlin’, you know the circuits long been dead.
I’ve paid my bills on time, but your affection is over-due, your heart must be out-of-order, what can I do?
A modern romance maker, I’d plug it in, jump for joy as your hormones jump start: then heart clapper
I wish I had a clapper, our love life’s in the crapper, how I wish I had a clapper to your heart.
Redneck aphrodisiac: Royal crown cola, a bottle of Brut, a pinch of mint snuff and a dab of Brill Cream
Living in a trailer park, we were only aloud to go to the “Close Second” Baptist Church
Pulling away with our 24′ Airstream, I know it ain’t home till you take the wheels off