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Pilot Health Advocates

You can navigate the medical field with expertise when Pilot Health Advocates is by your side. We are here to assist you with difficult and complicated health care decisions, focusing on your safety as a patient and your empowerment as a health care consumer. Call us today: (978) 808-0032     







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    Kaiser Permanente has put together a very simple to use Affordable Care Act tax credit calculator for small groups. The calculator only works for small business groups in California. It is not calibrated for non-profits which have a different tax credit allowance for employer contributions to employee health insurance for 2014. The tax calculator is…
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    California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones expressed concerned in a news release from his office that United Healthcare had announced it was pulling out of the individual health insurance market in the state. "United Healthcare's decision to exit the California individual health insurance market is bad news for consumers," said Commissioner Jones. "While both United Healthcare…
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    As the ACA open enrollment winds down, attention now turns to helping individuals and families in the new health plans actually get health care from their insurance. While there have been significant challenges just getting people signed up for health insurance, there will surely be additional hurdles as households now try to use the new…
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      Covered California released their small business health option plans (SHOP) for small employers and they might prove competitive for some companies with less than 50 employees. In order for SHOP to be successful, Covered California will have to overcome the reticence that small businesses have with the Affordable Care Act and show them the…
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    Imagine my surprise when a trade publication for one of the most conservative industries showed up in my mailbox with the Obama for President logo prominently displayed on the cover. The August 2013 edition of California Broker  incorporated the Obama red, white and blue "O" with the title of The Ripple Effect of the Affordable…
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