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Subsidized Sacramento Kings Supported by Suburbs

The entire suburban region (Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, West Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Rancho Cordova) whole heartedly supports Sacramento’s position to go into debt to subsidize an arena to keep OUR Sacramento Kings.

My evolving skepticism about sales and business

Since there is no glimmer of hope on the horizon and I have evolved my own special contempt for managers eagerly exploiting consumers, there is little to do except walk away from the burning trash heap of marketing lies and greed.

Powder Keg of Unpopular

I have always gotten the sense that both Jackie and Jerry reluctantly participated in the network marketing game for their services.

Healthcare Reform Simplified: Business

Even without any mandated plans under the ACA, businesses have found it necessary to add and drop plan offerings in an attempt to stem the escalating premium increases. What isn’t changing is that health insurance premiums will still be deducted pre-tax on payroll.

Why do we need healthcare reform?

The U.S. does a decent job of helping a variety of different groups of people get access and affordable healthcare through either insurance or direct aid. Folks in the middle are at the mercy of the market place.

A Sacramento wireless start up remembered

There will be no more exhilarating and proud moment of business as when I saw my prototype IrriDigital controller receive it’s first wireless programming messages right in my little home office.

Refuse the government money

If You Don’t Like Government, Don’t Take Its Money.

My friend and employer had built a very comfortable lifestyle financed largely in part from sales to government agencies. Are not your sales aiding and abetting the very institutions you feel are the root cause for America’s decline?

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