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Mackey’s Whole Foods Benefits from Fascist Policies

It is obvious that the type of government regulations in the health insurance market place Mackey considers “fascist” are similar other market interventions that benefit his company, Whole Foods.


Religious Institutions and Exemptions from Public Law

Religious freedom does not extend into our secular public market place where business practices are governed by laws preventing discrimination and promoting the public good.


Government Regulations and Laws Save Businesses Millions

It is difficult to argue that the regulation that all cars have seat belts and air bags combined with the law that occupants must wear seat belts has saved health insurance companies millions of dollars in claims.


If You Don’t Like Government, Don’t Take Its Money.

My friend and employer had built a very comfortable lifestyle financed largely in part from sales to government agencies. Are not your sales aiding and abetting the very institutions you feel are the root cause for America’s decline?


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