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How income and household changes might affect ACA health plans

Individuals and families who have enrolled in health plans through Healthcare.gov, or a state exchange like Covered California face new challenges as they report income and household changes. Families reporting changes to household size and income may also be triggering changes to their health plan. These changes may result in the entire family becoming eligible for Medicaid, being shifted into a different Enhanced Silver plan or losing the Advance Premium Tax Credit all together.


Focus Group on Social Media Marketing, Sacramento

As a small business person with no paid staff, but a tremendous passion for social media, I would benefit greatly from meeting with like-minded people to focus on social media.


Day 5 of 21 Day Challenge: Focus Groups And Social Media

It happened some where between when I tripped on the root and when I landed hard next to a thicket of poison oak. I thought, “I need to focus on the run and not everything else. Focus.”


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