Californians speak out on ACA and Covered California

Some people don't like Obamacare.

So many words have been spoken and written about the Affordable Care Act there is hardly an angle that hasn’t been touched. Obamacare101 podcast produced by Staci Joy is a well balanced presentation that features several different Californians that are touched by the ACA and Covered California, the state’s health insurance marketplace. Just like the ACA itself is controversial, some of the sincere comments by those recorded for the Obamacare101 podcast may leave one thinking, “Did he just say that?”


Podcast interview with Kevin Knauss by Ted Bauer, All In A Day’s Work

Ted Bauer hosts the pod cast, "All In A Day's Work" which profiles different folks and their careers.

He was faced with two forks in the road: go into health insurance or … enter the clergy. (Kind of different, no?) He chose health insurance. He also has a ridiculously awesome laugh, which you’ll hear during the segment.