Are you a producer?

What do you produce that people want to consume?

It wasn’t until I transitioned into a career of insurance sales that I heard the term producer applied to people. Insurance companies label the agents who sell their insurance products as producers, as in producing sales. Previously, I only thought that milk cows were producers. In the insurance game you are either producing sales or […]


Covered California places sales above consumers

Covered California promotes sales over consumer interests.

From the earliest marketing of Covered California it was obvious that this new health insurance Marketplace exchange would be more of a sales organization as opposed to a consumer advocate for health insurance. A recently published document entitled Sales and Outreach Skills directed toward Certified Enrollment Counselors and Navigators reinforces the appearance that Covered California […]


My evolving skepticism about sales and business

Faceless, nameless, marketing manipulators distort consumer information.

Since there is no glimmer of hope on the horizon and I have evolved my own special contempt for managers eagerly exploiting consumers, there is little to do except walk away from the burning trash heap of marketing lies and greed.