1895 Feather River diversion for gold mining

1895 diversion of the Feather River for gold mining.

So much good history is underwater. Our 20th century dam building covered in water many interesting historic artifacts such as the remnants of a 19th century dam and diversion canal on the Feather River. A small paperback titled “Lost Beneath The Feather River” and a brief story published in Harper’s Weekly clued me into this […]


California health plans win big with 100% coverage of high cost claims

ACA Reinsurance tax to cover 100% of high cost claims by health plans.

At the end of June 2015 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that they had boosted the reimbursement for high cost health care claims to health insurance companies participating in the ACA reinsurance program from 80% to 100% for 2014. The increase in coverage resulted from fewer requests for coverage of high […]


Appointing a Medi-Cal Authorized Representative

Appointing an Authorized Medi-Cal Representative.

Of the nearly 3 million Californian’s enrolled in Medi-Cal, Covered California estimates that approximately 2 million became newly eligible under the ACA expanded Medi-Cal rules. Many of the new Medi-Cal members are working families and individuals. They have little time to sit on hold with their local county social services department to correct Medi-Cal errors […]


Uniting the States with ACA and Gay Marriage Decisions

United means that all states must respect constitutional rights and liberties.

Two Supreme Court opinions involving the Affordable Care Act and gay marriage have the net effect of uniting the states to act as one country. The tenth amendment to the constitution gives a fair amount of power to the states to enact laws that can directly conflict or undermine national policy set by the federal […]


Five paths to California health insurance


In California there are essentially five different paths to getting health insurance. Each of the different options have varying conditions and restrictions. Below is a summary of the five paths to California health insurance. There is also a short video you can watch titled California Paths to Health Insurance which also explains the five different […]


Postcard celebrating environmental destruction of La Grange Hydraulic Mine

La Grange hydraulic mining destruction by Bear Photo Co. San Francisco

Most postcards, even from the 19th century, feature a historic building or natural wonder such as Half Dome in Yosemite. I came across a postcard from the early 20th century featuring the environmental destruction of  hydraulic mining in Weaverville, California. The title of the image on the small postcard is “#21 Hydrulicing At La Grange Mines […]


Placer County Grand Jury 2015 Final Report

Placer County Grand Jury Final Report 2014 - 2015

The Final Report contains the results of the 2014 – 2015 Placer County Grand Jury’s investigations as required by law, those requested by citizens, and those internally generated by the Grand Jury. The Placer County Grand Jury undertook sixteen investigations during its one year term. The consolidated report includes the individual reports on those investigations, […]


Granite Bay goes brown to conserve water during 2015 Drought

Granite Bay goes brown to conserve water.

As opposed to drought shaming I decided to highlight the many properties near Folsom Lake who were going the extra mile to conserve water during our nasty drought of 2015. The Granite Bay area and the San Juan Water District retail service area have been singled out for some of the highest per capita water use in […]


Income verification stings consumers with loss of tax credit subsidy


After an individual or family has been approved for a tax credit subsidy to lower their monthly health insurance premium Covered California gives them ninety days to verify their income. If the consumer doesn’t submit proof of income that Covered California accepts the applicant will either be reduced to Medi-Cal or have their tax credit […]