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Kurt Schwitters Das Undbild, 1919
Kurt Schwitters Das Undbild, 1919

It was a chance viewing of the art work by Kurt Schwitters that captured my interest of presenting information with several different types of mediums. The collages by Schwitters were an assemblage of printed words, photos, found objects and paint. An informative and entertaining blog post is like a collage; it might have many different elements contributing to the whole picture. View my latest blog posts Insure Me Kevin

My inner collage artist

I learned early in life that I was not an artist, but the attraction of the multi-media collage has seeped into my work. Consequently, when possible, I try to incorporate as many visual perspectives into my blog posts in an effort to render the best possible representation for the viewer.

Found objects, images, recordings

Sadly, writing about health insurance does not lend itself to the collage approach as often as I would like. So, I make up for that with posts on local events, history, demonstrations, parades, hikes and other activities. Virtually all my images and videos were captured with my mobile phone. I am not a professional photographer.


Pictures make life fun

Pictures can tell stories, provide information or just put a smile on your face. Many of the pictures I put in my blog posts I have enhanced with Instagram. You can view all my Instagram pictures at



Posting on Pinterestpinterest

Another social media site that I use more for picture sharing is Pinterest. Most of the time my pictures are associated with a blog post on history, hiking or vacation travel. The pictures and videos posted on my Pinterest boards are linked to the blog post so you can read the story behind why I took the picture. You can check out my Pinterest boards at

Dull videos

Pictures and words can only impart so much depth to topic. For an added dimension, I have been attempting to splice together sort YouTube videos. These boring little segments, which I try to keep under 1 minute, will not win any awards unless it is a cure for insomnia. But, only a short video of a kayak gliding across the still waters of Mono Lake next to these ancient white tufa formations can give you a sense of the beauty of this alkaline sink. You can watch my videos to sleep by at

Insure Me Kevin

The Insure Me Kevin Facebook page is where I post most of my blogs, pictures, videos and health related information from other

My poor attempt at a collage in college. Kevin Knauss
My poor attempt at a collage in college. Kevin Knauss

sources. I guess you could say, in addition to this website, it is the gallery for my collage work.

The Collage

My website is the hub or focal point for collage of my writing, pictures and videos. Feel free to comment. I never take offense and conversation is always good. If there is a topic you would like me to explore or you would like to write about, give me shout and we’ll see if we can’t make it happen. The goal of the Insure Me Kevin website is to answer questions, provide information and provide a little entertainment now and again.

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