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Kevin Knauss Health & Life Insurance

Kevin Knauss Health & Life Insurance

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I’m the old man behind Insure Me Kevin. I made the career change to insurance several years ago and found out I have more fun providing quality information to people than actually selling insurance. Health insurance is governed by an overwhelming number of rules and regulations that seem designed more to protect the profits and revenue of insurance companies over the health and well being of the consumer.

From the short time I have been in the health insurance industry, I have seen too many people that have denied health insurance, led astray by poor information or have struggled to get adequate information to make a good decision.


Affordable Care Act

I support the ACA. It’s not perfect, but it’s a better system than the one we have now that puts profits before people. My Navigator page shows some of the different options for guarantee health insurance through California’s health insurance market place, Covered California. I post blogs on the development of the exchange, health plans offered, and the premium assistance offered.

Covered California Board Meeting

At the January 23, 2014 Covered California Board meeting I spoke on how I had several families whose applications failed to be transmitted to the health insurance companies resulting in no health insurance being offered.


Citrus Heights Medicare Educational Seminar

Kevin Knauss presenting information on Medicare at the Citrus Heights Senior Center August 25, 2011

The rules and regulations surrounding Medicare Part A, B, C and D, coupled with supplement plans can be a daunting challenge to understand. For the most part, they are good rules set down by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to protect the medicare beneficiary. I have done Medicare Educational Seminars in the past and I am open to future presenting future events that are purely for educational purposes. You can contact me if you would like to arrange for me to speak at one of your events. I only use Medicare approved presentations.

Small Groups

Small group health plans can be a good deal for employers and employees. The health insurance premiums can be set up as pre-tax deductions and the employer can offer dental, vision, life and other products as well. Covered California will be offering their Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) along with their individual and family health plans (IFP). Some small groups may want to dissolve their group plans so the employees can take advantage of the premium assistance under the Covered California IFPs. Each small group will have to look at the cost-benefit analysis to see if it makes sense.

The Death Master File is there to protect beneficiaries.

The Death Master File is there to protect beneficiaries.

Life Insurance

You know if you need life insurance. If you do, think term life insurance first. To be perfectly honest, I just don’t see the value of some of the whole life, universal life, indexed life insurance options on the market today for the average family. I would rather see folks contribute to their kids college funds or retirement before making a big investment in life insurance. Although, permanent life insurance like whole life and universal life do a place for some high net worth individuals when they are considering retirement, financial planning or want to leave a legacy fund to a favorite nonprofit.


IMK: Insure Me Kevin started as a website for my business. As you may notice clicking on the different menu tabs, IMK has become a Collage for the various blog posts, pictures, and videos on everything from health insurance to history. Have fun browsing my collection.

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Best no poop dog sign ever.

Best no poop dog sign ever.

You can send me any questions you may have through my Contact page.

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Affordable Care Act Agent Code of Conduct Pledge

My Pledge to you:

1. I will respect your time and decisions.
2. I will not try to sell you a product that you do not want or need.
3. I will not call you in the evening unless you ask me to.

Core Values:

1. Good decisions come from good information, knowing the options and the products.
2. You can’t make a quality decision if you are under “sales pressure”.
3. You must treat clients in the same manner as you would like to be treated.
4. There is no greater joy than helping someone else.