Clocks and House

I love antique clocks; reading about them, repairing them, listening to them work. Eventually, I will get around to putting pictures of my clocks on this page. Here are just a few. You can also read about antique alarm clocks. If you like clocks, check out the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The have the best monthly magazine/newsletter I have ever seen. Our local Chapter 71 meets at the Garden Arts Building in McKinley Park approximately every 6 -8 weeks. We also have workshops where folks will help you get that old clock running.

You can download the latest newsletter of the Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter Newsletter here.

E.N.Welch Fire Bug Alarm Clock

E.N.Welch Fire Bug Alarm Clock. Courtesy of HBACC member.

[download id=”26″] Article on Germany’s biggest alarm clock collector, Gilbert newspaper ads, alarm clock original boxes, mid-century modern alarm clocks and Westclox Big Ben promotional printed dials.

[download id=”16″] Featured is the E. N. Welch Fire Bug alarm clock. When the alarm triggered, a match was lifted, igniting against a flint and lighting a wick to provide light. It probably would not get U.L. approval today.

Darche alarm clock

Rare Darche alarm clock with original batteries, it would never make it on a plane today. Courtesy of HBACC member.

[download id=”8″] Ansonia alarm clock in custom case, haggling over a copper-flash Darch and reprints of Ingersoll and Westclox advertisements.Rare Darche alarm clock with original batteries, it would never make it on a plane today.”

[download id=”3″] Great article on the history of Darch bank alarm clocks.

[download id=”2″] This issue is a presentation of Celluloid and Bakelite case materials used in the late 1800’s up through the middle of the twentieth century for clock cases.

HBACC Summer 2012 Newsletter Download ->[download id=”32″]

Here are a few of the clocks I own along with a few pictures of the house. The first took clocks are owned by a HBACC member in Sacramento.

 Kitchen Remodel: Bamboo cabinets, concrete peninsula, Cesarstone counter tops.

Pictured above is the remodel of the kitchen. The cabinets are solid bamboo doors and frames of CFC Douglas Fir. Horizontal glass tile back splash with under cabinet fluorescent lighting. Peninsula black concrete counter top with exposed aggregate embedded. Miele dishwasher, oven, stove top and range hood. Cabinets designed by AlterECO in Sausalito, Ca.

Conserving water with mulch during 2015 drought

Some Granite Bay homeowners smothered the grass and went drought tolerant.

Our front yard after re-landscaping with drought tolerant plans.

 Parabola Alarm Clock

Parabola Clock Front

Parabola alarm clock with curved dial hands, notice how the dial looks like the interior of a head lamp.

A cool clock I found on Ebay is the parabola alarm clock. I had read an article about in the the NAWCC Bulletin by Snowden Taylor. When I say the clock of ‘unknown’ origin I was able to snap it up with out much competition.

The clock was the brain child of Archibald Bannatyne in the late 1880’s. The clock dial, instead of being flat, is more like the of old car head lamps and shaped like a parabola. The entire interior of the dial was coated in a radioactive phosphorescent material that would abosrb sunlight during the day and glow at night to illuminate the clock hands. The parabolic shape was used to increase the surface area of the reflective material and also because of the properties of light rays not being easily reflected out of the parabola.

I removed the thick coating of the phosphorescent material, which would still glow blue in the dark, because I did not know how radioactive the material was. This particular clock dates to about 1907 -1910. The seller said it was his grandfathers who was employed by a railroad company.

I was able to get the clock movement and alarm in working order and painted the dial white. It was a fun project.

Jeep Clock

Jeep ClockMy first initiation into clocks was to make this Jeep hubcap clock. It had an 8 day time and strike movement from in India. Never kept good time, but it was fun to make.