Folsom Lake Pictures

runner_folsom_dam_lakeThis page is dedicated to the pictures I’ve taken around the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Some are along the Pioneer Express Trail as far north as Auburn. Other pictures show items revealed at low water levels such as the remnants of the North Fork Ditch, unusual rock formations or other items of historical, geological, flora or fauna interest. Almost all of these photo, many enhanced with Instagram, have been posted in the various blogs I’ve done about history and hiking around Folsom Lake. Click on image to enlarge it.

2015 Drought Lake Levels

As the historic 2015 drought continued and the Bureau of Reclamation released unprecedented amounts of water from Folsom Lake, I routinely go down into the lake bed and take pictures. I doubt that the lake will ever get this low again for many years. The lowest point during this current drought was February 4, 2014, then the lake started to fill back up. But since I lost many of those image because of hard disk crash, I’m focused on trying to capture as many low water level pictures as possible before the big forecasted El Nino arrives in the autumn. I’ll be posting recordings and pictures.

Folsom Lake August 22, 2015

A land bridge is exposed by low water levels to allow people to walk even close to the dam.

Folsom Lake August 15, 2015

2015 low water lake pictures

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Folsom Lake Instagram photos

These are photos around Folsom Lake and the Peninsula Campground that have been posted to Instagram. There are some duplicates to the photos posted below from other blog posts.

Peninsula Campground to Wild Goose Flats

Picture gallery from a hike up the east side of the north fork of the American River at Folsom Lake. Blog post: Anderson Island bridge and Zantgraf Mine hike

Pictures between Beeks Bight and Horseshoe Bar, from the blog Biking and Hiking the North Fork Ditch

Older images from around Folsom Lake and Auburn State Recreation areas

 North Fork American River Historic Photos

To read about the Birdsall Dam visit Hiking down to Birdsall and Knickerbocker Waterfalls . Click images to enlarge.