Anthem Blue Cross to discontinue some California small group plans

Anthem Blue Cross Health InsuranceImportant update on discontinued plans

June 20, 2012

Certain plans will be discontinued effective 10/1/12 (on a group’s renewal anniversary).

From time to time, we review our health plans to make sure they address your clients’ health care and cost needs. In our most recent review, we’ve made the careful decision to discontinue certain health plans from our portfolios. These are the plans:

  • Premier PPO $20 Copay (EmployeeChoice portfolio only)
  • Elements Hospital
  • BeneFits Hospital
  • Lumenos HIA Plus 500*
  • Lumenos HIA Plus 750*

*This plan will be discontinued effective 7/1/12.

Why the plans are being discontinued.

There are several reasons why we’re discontinuing the plans: 1) The need to streamline our portfolio. 2) Similarities to other plans due to benefit mandates (for example, Elements Hospital plan and BeneFits Hospital plan). 3) Declining interest in the plans.


If you are in a plan that is being discontinued, you will be transitioned into a similar in benefits and costs. Contact your broker to see which plans you might be transitioned into and other options you may have.- Kevin Knauss

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