AP Photographer catches Obama image as Christ

Was this photo an accident or the hand of God announcing the arrival of his son?

In what theology experts are calling an almost probable moment of divine intervention, the camera lens of Associated Press photographer Pablo Martinez Monsivais captured President Barack Obama with an iconic halo around his head on his 51st Birthday. The resemblance of the photograph with religious icons showing the baby and adult Jesus with the reverent glow of divinity is unmistakable.

Photographer Pablo Martinez Monsivais was unavailable for comment but it was reported that during the birthday celebration for the President he felt as if he were standing on a mountain shrouded in fog. Long time friend of the President, Ron Emanuel, said that he had realized that Obama was the anointed one while walking down a long road with him in Chicago.

Although, some people are not being so generous

Was Mitt Romney really getting ready to blow the trumpet of good news?

with their comments about Monsivais photograph. Gropher Norquist of the Ice Tea Party suggested that Monsivais was trying to interject his own personal religious philosophy about the President into the campaign. “This photograph is no different than the one that made Mitt Romney look as if he was taking over the trumpet from the angel Moroni, who adorns many LDS Temple spires, to blow the good news.”, Norquist said.

Uncanny resemblance between President Obama and earlier icons of Christ.

Karl Von Taciturn at the Department of Iconography, at the University of Phlegm on the Rhein, suggests the photo is revealing the true nature of President Obama. “This halo image that we find in so many of the Italian renaissance painters of the 14th century has far more substance and validity than the images of Jesus in a potato, toast, apple or thunder cloud.”, Von Taciturn said.

Was the image of the President as the second coming of Christ an accident, nefarious main stream media plot to get him elected or truly the hand of God announcing that his son has returned? All of America will find out in November.

  • randy owens

    I’m a believer in Obama…but not enough to deify him. I actually think this was an accident or if I were the photographer I would have just framed him this way because it’s appropriate to have the President standing in front of his Presidential Seal.