Day 8 of 21 Day Challenge: A Little Poetry Please

rope_challengeWe’ve all had those days where we become lost in our business. All the tasks laid out before us and we focus on them with laser beam concentration. When the work is done we are drained. At which point it is necessary to shift the focus and free up the mind.

After a day of setting up meetings, reviewing postcard designs and re-working quotes, it was time to let my brain be entertained. I attended a poetry reading at the Woodland Library organized by Jessica Kristie author of Dreaming in Darkness. The featured poet was Phillip Larrea who has two collections of poetry on CD called Loose Change and Scrapbook. It was wonderful to hear Phillip fill the air with his poetry.

Another unexpected delight were the numerous people who boldly strode to the microphone to read their poetry. Men and women, with no advanced training or preparation in poetry, painted our imaginations with words from their souls. So now I am of a thinking poetry tweet up to fulfill one of my goals. (I am thinking Stacey Powell could be the lead Poet) Creativity can be such a curse.

This was quite the juxtaposition from earlier in the day when I had an extended twitter conversation with another insurance agent from San Diego. This gentleman tweets primarily against healthcare reform while most of my tweets and information support the changes to health insurance. Even though the twitter conversation was polite and respectful, I probably expended more energy than I should have.

Just like the weather today went from wind and rain to sunny and calm, the 8th day of my 21 Day Challenge went from the storm clouds of business to the relaxing calm of poetry. What is the forecast for tomorrow; a few heavy meetings with a mixture light laughter.