Farm Bill to insure vegetables not children

Do you have health insurance in case this spinach makes you sick?

In what has to be a stunning failure of logic, the Senate has approved allowing vegetable farmers a chance to get crop insurance against loss attributable to outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. At the same time, many of the same Senators who voted for this crop insurance are against the Affordable Care Act. Both of which are nationwide programs.

In the twisted world of national politics we could have an outbreak of e. coli on spinach that sickens or kills hundreds of consumers. If the ACA is repealed those people may have no insurance to cover their hospital bills but the farmers who grew the spinach would be covered for their loss in subsequent sales. While I never look to congress to set the standard for logical thinking, this proves that dollars speak louder than children’s voices.

Possible headlines for this stupidity could be: “Congress to insure vegetables that might turn your child into one”, “Get insurance for your child if it’s a vegetable” or “Congress declares vegetables more important than children”.