Granite Bay door to door scam alert

scam alertTwo young women, late teens to early twenties, have been going door to door allegedly selling magazine subscriptions. Their pitch is that they are part of Bayside Church and they are selling magazine subscriptions as a way to earn points to go to camp. Their last known appearance in the Granite Bay area was late June.

They had my neighbor, who was purchasing two magazine subscriptions, write out two checks for the same $49.57. This struck my neighbor as odd and after the young women left he called the bank and put a stop on both check. A week later he was notified by his bank that two checks for $4,957.00 were attempted to be cashed at his local branch.

While not always, most door to door solicitors should have a permit indicating who they are, the business name and the individual’s name. If you encounter any suspicious activity, please contact the Placer County Sheriff Department at (530) 889-7800 or the On-Line Crime Reporting Form.