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Post 1: Why do we need healthcare reform?

Post 2: Individuals and Families

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Post 4: Prevention

Post 5: Medicare

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  • kneetoeg

    If a married couple only wants coverage for one eff 1/1/14 through the CA Marketplace and chooses a Bronze plan without subsidy, and the other spouse keeps cobra because she is pregnant but wants to cancel cobra in July after the baby is born. What plan/subsidy options will be available to her? Will she have a qualifying event if she CHOOSES to cancel her Cobra after March 31st? It is more than 9.5% of her household income.

    • Kevin Knauss

      Correct. If the COBRA is greater than 9.5% of income when it is cancelled, then that person would eligible for premium assistance.

      The individual is eligible for a special enrollment period when COBRA discontinues after 18 months.

      I am not sure if canceling COBRA after open enrollment, even it the premium is >9.5% qualifies for a special enrollment period. It might if the household income shrunk because of the loss of a job making the premium >9.5%.

      Either way, I would exercise caution when planning for a special enrollment period with the cancellation of any plan.

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