HealtheHuman Medical Log Program

HealtheHumanFrequently I am asked by clients if I know of a software program or application where they could keep track of all their medical information. Up until last month, I had no clue. Through a Twitter post I went to a site called HealtheHuman, a complete medical and lifestyle tracking application on the internet. HealtheHuman seems to all the bases covered from medical history, doctor appointments, lab results, exercise, self-monitoring and on and on.

One of the biggest issues people with chronic conditions face is the accumulation and tracking of their health data. When we go to see the doctor and the tests results are not what was expected (good or bad) the first question the doctor asks is, “Have you changed anything recently?” If the last appointment was six months ago there could have been multiple changes from exercise, stress, different medications, supplements, eating habits and more.

When we are able to keep a log of our entire lifestyle, we can develop a better understanding of how our health and lab results change in response to our lifestyle choices and prescription medication. One example is when I started taking a couple of different supplements. At the recommendation of the doctor I started a regimen of Red Yeast Rice (RYR) tablets to lower cholesterol. The side effects of RYR are similar to other statins which can include muscle aches, cramps and soreness. I developed leg cramps to the point where I could no longer jog.

But I wasn’t quite sure if it was the RYR because I also started taking fish oil and some other dietary supplements earlier. With a comprehensive log like HealtheHuman, I would have been able to put the start take, dosage and note any changes to my health. Through a process of eliminating the various supplements I figured it must be the RYR. After a couple of weeks of no longer taking RYR the cramps went away and now I feel stronger than ever.

Of course, this is anecdotal information. Even if I had documented the RYR regimen and health conditions in a health log, it still would not pass for reliable medical information, but it might be able to give guidance to my doctor or other people.

Either way, the HealtheHuman site looks pretty good so I wanted to pass it along. I don’t currently use HealtheHuman and I am not being paid to endorse them. If you use them or if you try the site and have any comments, please send me a note or make comments on this blog post. Just realized the name can also be ‘Heal the Human’. Gosh, I love clever people.

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