Individual and Family Plan Health Insurance Comparisons, California

Window shopping for health insurance

When you're window shopping for health insurance, you don't expect a sales person to chase you down the street asking you to buy, buy, buy.

Shopping and comparing health insurance plans ranks right up with getting a root canal. You know you need it; you just don’t want to sit through it.

Occasionally you may want to do some window shopping, see what’s available and compare prices. Maybe you’re in the market today, maybe you preparing for “down-the-road” events. Shopping and comparing is good.

The great thing about window shopping is you can look at the products without being bothered by a sales person. As you may have experienced, when you do window shopping on the internet, you can get bombarded with phone calls from pesky sales people. All you wanted to

Kevin does not hound people

This dog sounds better than most pushy insurance agents.

do was see what’s new and compare prices.

Feel free to get quotes for you or family from my home page quoting engine or quotes page. I will NOT call you. I will NOT sell your information to someone else to call you. If I had an assistant, which I don’t, I wouldn’t have them call you. I may send you an e-mail, but that’s about it. You can contact me if you have questions. Otherwise, I won’t bother you. Why should I wreck your shopping experience?

A few things to keep in mind about the quoted monthly premiums:

1. They are standard rates for those with no medical conditions or medications.

2. Certain past or present medical conditions or medications may cause the final rate to be higher.

3. I have a list of differnt medical conditions and potential rate increases over the standard rates.

4. In July, 2012, all individual plans offered will be covering maternity services.

5. Not all health insurance plans work with all doctors and hospitals.

So go get some quotes and don’t wait for me to call you unless you ask me to.

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