Life Insurance

Do you really want to talk about Life Insurance?

Kevin does not hound people

This dog sounds better than most pushy insurance agents.

No, not really. Why do I want to talk about something that costs me money and I hope I’ll never use?

Well, if you do want some quotes or information I am here to help out. What does that mean, “Help out”?

It means you contact me, we talk, get you information and you make a decision. If you want to do most of it by email, phone or in-person, I am good with all of it. I am assuming you want a no pressure environment with plenty of time to consider your options. That’s what I want. I don’t want someone calling me every other day asking me if I have made a decision or sitting at my dinner table for hours pounding me to sign on the dotted line.

Everyone’s situation is different. You need the information about different plans and policy types in order to make a decision that is best for you and your family. It might take you a week or a month. If you are looking for a “no-pressure” approach to learn about life insurance and options, contact me. I am not here to hound you.

Offering Term, Whole Life and

Final Expense Insurance

Offering two different policies:

Whole Life IV which has simplified underwriting and lifetime coverage. Builds cash value and can be issued from 0 – 85 years old. Policy maximum is $25,000.

Whole Life Two-Year Graded has only 5 medical questions for qualification. Graded benefites policy so after the 3rd year in force, it pays 100% of selected face amount. Issue age 18 – 80. Contact me for additional information and details.

Term & Whole Life

North Coast Life has variety of term and whole life products. They are based out of Spokane, Washington.

Irrevocable Funeral  Trusts

Preserve upto $15,000. Portable to any state. Can be used at any funeral home. Protected from creditors, nursing homes and Medicaid in most states. Contact me for additional details.

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