little bliss cakery offers visual and edible treats

Scalloped faux awning trims the exterior.

How do you turn an ordinary strip mall location into something special? Turn it over to Wendi and Meg. Wendi Calton is the owner of little bliss cakery in Granite Bay and Meg Talley was the creative and resourceful interior designer. From the scalloped exterior awning trim to the interior rhinestones in the bathroom, you can tell these two ladies had fun with the visual treats.

Eye candy for suburban ennui

I am attracted to any design and treatment that shouts authenticity and creativity. The bane for

Ghost writing on the wall tells a story. A real visual treat.

my shopping mall experience is being buffeted with corporate uniformity at store after store. Consequently, when I see merchant that has stepped up to the plate to put a unique stamp on the suburban shopping experience; I walk through the door.

Form follows fancy

As I briefly spoke with Wendi, she was positively effusive about finding quality decor items at bargain basement prices. The result is a whimsical and decorative ambiance that doesn’t interfere with the function of the store. Let’s face it, how many kids and adults haven’t wanted to write on their walls and get away with it. I’m even thinking of putting rhinestones in my son’s bathroom…once he moves out that is.

Connecting the dots of decor

Part of the charm is how they mixed and matched items to create a theme and feeling. They

Chandeliers, made me feel like a prince.

obviously knew what they were trying capture and I they certainly caught my eye. While there is a small hint of walking into an AmericanGirl store, I don’t think that was purely accidental. I also appreciate the high level of “attention to detail” that is a running undercurrent in the store. The interior design compliments and reflects the art of the bakery goods.

Creating memories and experience

Subliminally, when we walk into a store that is creative, inventive and well kept, we naturally surmise that products or services will be equal to or surpass our expectations. That is true of little bliss.  If you want some decorating inspiration for your own store, a child’s bedroom or activity center, visit little bliss cakery to see a vision and imagination come to life. Oh yes, they have a variety of cupcakes, mini-cupcake kisses, whoopie pies, little cakes, and full size cakes. Plus they create specialty cakes for weddings and have ice cream.

Thank you Wendi for bringing your bold entrepreneurial spirit and store to Granite Bay.

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