When you enter information into the system for an on-line quote: Your information will not be sold, transferred or shared with any other agents, brokers or agencies. The only broker who will call you will be me, Kevin Knauss. Use the grid below to determine which carrier has a product you are interested in getting a quote from.

Individual Dental Vision Small Group Medicare Short Term
Aetna X X
Anthem X X X X X
Blue Shield X X X X X
Health Net X X X X
Kaiser X X

Cigna                        X                 X

Vision and dental plans California

Vision and dental plans California

Get Health Medical Quotes from

These links will take you to health plans quotes direct from the carrier with no premium assistance. The tax credits or premium assistance can only be received through purchasing a plan through Covered California.

Vision and Dental Plans

Vision plan offered by VSP and dental plans from Delta Dental How to Designate Kevin Knauss as your health insurance agent in Covered California

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

Blue Shield of California


Cigna Health Plans

Cigna Quote from Kevin Knauss

Cigna Quote from Kevin Knauss

Health Net of California



Kaiser Permanente



Western Health Advantage

Western Health Advantage

Western Health Advantage


Travel and Short Term Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance Plans

Travel Health Insurance Plans




Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical Insurance





Individual & Family Plans  Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser and Health Net. By clicking on Quotes, you will open up another page to start the quoting process. Please contact me if you encounter problems with any of these pages or the external pages. There is nothing more frustrating then having your computer freeze or a web page crash because the web master (Me) did not set something up right. Thank you.

Medicare Advantage and Supplement (Medigap)Blue_Shield_Medicare_Plan_quotes

Medicare Supplement plans are offer Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California and AARP/United Health Care. You will only be able to get quotes for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California. The others don’t have an on-line quote through the agent portal. However, a great source for Medicare Advantage quotes is which will step through the process of getting quotes for Medicare Advantage Plans and stand alone Part D Prescription Drug plans.

Small Group

There is no on-line quoting tool for small groups at this time. It is fairly easy to generate a quote but we need a census of employees that includes: number of employees, zip codes and whether they will be covering just the employee, employee & spouse, employee & children or employee and family. Give me a call and we can get a quote stated with the basic information. Pet_Plan_insurance_AB_banner_150x150_Knauss

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