Roseville Galleria to get hit with Gay Kiss In

Shock! Kissing leads people to buy clothes!

Shock! Kissing leads people to buy clothes!

A little PDA, public display of affection, apparently pissed-off a mall cop who threatened the couple with eviction and now the mall is about to get hit with a kiss-in.

You’re being watched 

A security guard at Westfield’s Roseville Galleria asked two gay men that had been holding hands and planting little cheek pecks to leave the premises last Saturday. The security officer mentions that he counted 25 kisses between the couple, which leads me to wonder:

  1. Is there a maximum kiss count?
  2. Why was he counting the kisses?
  3. Was he following the couple around the mall?

The ultimate non-violent protest…kissing

The selective enforcement of the mall’s code of conduct inspired Beverly Kearney to create a Kiss in!!!!! Roseville Galleria!!!!! Facebook event. Slated for Saturday March 9 at 11:00 am, the protest hopes to bring awareness to the fact that LGBTQ couples have as much right to display a little affection in public as opposite sex couples. View short Storify post.

Not only out, but kicked out 

The story of Daniel Chesmore and Jose Guzman being informed they would have to leave if their affectionate conduct did not cease in the Galleria was first reported by a local TV station. While comments on the stations website were mostly in support of gay couple, there were a few that represented the more conservative bent of the south Placer County area.


fox_40_galleria_kiss_1Sacramento support

Since creating the Kiss In event, over 100 people have expressed their intention to attend and many more have lent moral support through on-line posts. A particularly salient comment was made about taking the issue to the retailers and not the mall management. While Westfield owns the structure and controls the right to pass on their property, it is a marketplace where consumers spend dollars with the retail tenants. Mall management will listen to the concerns of the retailers if the tenants feel the selective enforcement of the “code” reduces traffic and sales.

I’m easily offended

But what about the enforcement of the “code” for all the other mall patrons. It was reported that, gasp, young same-sex couples were also holding hands and occasionally seen kissing. More important is that I not be offended by slow mall walkers laden with shopping bags, the heavily scented, intimidating people with tattoos (unless I approve of the tats), toddlers running around unattended, kiosk vendors accosting me to buy their trinkets, and the embarrassing scolding some parents give to their children or spouse.

Family of two dads and a son

Two dads and a son.

Sanitized for your protection 

Goodness, there must be a whole binder full of code infractions that mall security could be enforcing. If they completely sanitized the mall to the satisfaction of an over zealous security guard and clueless mall management, would they have any shoppers left?

The joy of (fill in the blank) 

As I get older, I get a little bump of joy at watching other people be happy. If you can’t have your heart warmed by little children playing, families having fun shopping together or seeing people in love, then maybe you have no heart. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) are part of America. Even the San Francisco Giants have set aside a special night to celebrate those folks not in the mainstream of our communities. Golly, a mall cop would have a heart attack trying to kick out all the folks kissing at the Gay Pride Night in the Giants stadium.

He looks…funny 

Two moms walking son.

Two moms hiking with their young son.

So what is a little kiss and hand holding among friends? Believe me; children are exposed to far worse with bullying at school and violence on television. An occasional public display of affection reminds all of us that we human and we can choose a path of tolerance and inclusion over stereotypical perceptions of our neighbors.

Have you hugged a stranger today! 

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to LGBTQ to participate in the Kiss In. (Well, I guess that only leaves straight folks, duh.) Show up to the Kiss In protest to show your support for love in public. Yes, I said love. You can hold hands or hug a perfect stranger, kissing is optional. Maybe love in the mall will catch on. How crazy would it be if the Roseville Galleria had an out break of good feelings and smiling between total strangers? You know, I think there is a security guard that needs a hug from me on Saturday.

  • Neilp

    The interesting thing is there is (according to Fox40 news) no Code of Conduct rule against pdas at the Galleria Mall…

    • Kevin Knauss

      Don’t you think there may be a “Double Secret” “Code of Conduct” reserved for people who they find undesirable? The best protection against being followed at the Roseville Galleria is to be carrying a Brooks Brothers, Tiffany, Hugo Boss or Louise Vitton bag. I always keep a spare in my car before I enter the mall.

  • Jeremy

    The losers in this situation are all the people that just want to shop. PDA isn’t necessary, that can be kept in your own home or car, at least. I’m not saying that the guard made the right decision, but I think the worst decision is being made by the people organizing the ‘kiss in’ that is disrespectful to everybody else at the mall.

    • Kevin Knauss

      Spring is in the air and love can blind us all.

    • Randy Owens

      If two men are found kissing in a car, they are likely to get arrested. A hetero couple would be overlooked. A lesbian couple would also be overlooked. Our society is so scared by the sight of two men showing affection. I am not a fan of PDA’s by any couple, straight, gay, lesbian or bi, but hey, if a couple is happy leave them alone and teach your children that gay people have the right to be affectionate too. Is it really that big a deal?

      • Kevin Knauss

        Maybe the Kiss In will bring a little bit of Europe to Roseville. See you there.

      • Jeremy

        I don’t have a problem teaching my children about the rights of the people. I just don’t like the immature reaction of the people staging the kiss-in. If you have a problem with somebody or some business handle it privately, don’t throw a tantrum and rub your agenda in everybody’s faces.

  • Randy Owens


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