Anthem Blue Cross includes transgender services in Evidence of Coverage

Anthem Blue Cross includes transgender services language in new Evidence of Coverage documents.

Anthem Blue Cross of California has included a section called Transgender Services in their Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents for individual and family plans offered in California for 2015. While the seven paragraph section doesn’t provide a lot of details, it is a major step toward recognizing that individual plans must include such coverage to address the medically […]


Anthem Blue Cross set to terminate 79 health plans in California

Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

In the proposed rate increase filing with California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) on August 1, 2014, Anthem Blue Cross included 79 health plans that they would be terminating at the end of year. Titled Exhibit P – Terminated Plans, effective 2015, Anthem Blue Cross lists 39 pre-ACA and 40 post-ACA individual and family […]


Blue Cross waives network restrictions for Napa quake victims

Anthem Blue Cross relaxes guidelines for victims of the Napa earthquake.

Anthem Blue Cross announced that they were temporarily revising some of their health insurance guidelines for residents in Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties impacted by the Napa earthquake. Important for Anthem Blue Cross members in these counties is that they can see any physician for necessary health care, urgent care and emergency room services even […]


Anthem Blue Cross to experiment with online doctor visits

Anthem Blue Cross allows California members to chat online with a doctor.

The Anthem Blue Cross of California provider network just got larger as of July 1st when Blue Cross members can enroll in LiveHealth Online to consult with a doctor through the Internet using a regular computer, tablet or smart phone. The cost for the doctor visit or online consultation, in lieu of actually visiting a […]


Anthem Blue Cross Coughs Up Medicare Rebates

Anthem Blue Cross opens the cash register to return Medicare Supplement, Medigap, premiums.

Anthem Blue Cross announced that it will issue rebates to members enrolled in their Medicare Supplement plans in five different states. The rebates are a result of the Medicare supplement or Medigap plans failing to meet the medical loss ratios (MLR). Rebate checks being sent out in September will range from $3.51 to $487.08 per member.


Sacramento Outpatient Surgery Cost Comparisons

Back Surgery - Outpatient Laminectomy comparisons.

In an effort to shed a little light on the range of outpatient surgery costs a health care consumer might have for a particular procedure, Anthem Blue Cross in association with WebMD created a cost comparison website. As a patient, you have more incentive to carefully consider the lower priced options if you have a high deductible plan.


Anthem Blue Cross New Simplified Dental Plans

Need some dental work? New California dental plans.

One of the spillover effects from the Affordable Care Act is that the insurance companies are streamlining not only their health insurance plans but their ancillary insurance products like dental and vision. Anthem Blue Cross has just released new dental and vision plans that are straight forward and easy to understand.


Anthem Blue Cross to issue rebates under ACA for 2012

Anthem Blue Cross of California will be notifying certain small employer groups that they will be receiving a rebate under the Affordable Care Acts’s Medical Loss Ratio (MLR). They missed the 80/20 target for small group plans overseen by DMHC. These plans consist of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) that are overseen by DMHC.