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Religious Institutions and Exemptions from Public Law

Religious freedom does not extend into our secular public market place where business practices are governed by laws preventing discrimination and promoting the public good.


Birth Control; A Woman’s Health Issue Not Religious Liberty

It is time we move forward with protecting the health of women. The active protection of women’s health in America will reduce government expenditures and increase the productivity and well being throughout our communities.


Rush, Tell Your Sons To Stop Asking For Sex From Sandra Fluke

It is far cheaper to prevent an unwanted pregnancy that your sons might produce than to support the children your sons leave behind.


Day 9 of 21 Day Challenge: #War_On_Women

When you distill all of this down, there is an assault on women and their reproductive rights. Or to borrow a twitter handle War_On_Women. The flash point being whether contraceptives should be made available at no cost through health insurance plans.


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