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Anthem Blue Cross California tiers facilities to reduce costs

In what could be the first consumer driven attempt in California to push down rising health care costs Anthem Blue Cross is flagging facilities in California that are unwilling to pass on deep discounts to its members. Anthem Blue Cross has introduced Tiered Networks into several counties in California with its new ACA compliant health plans in hopes that subscribers will choose less costly facilities


Delay your open enrollment in new Covered California health plans

Open enrollment for the new Covered California health plans launches October 1st. But you don’t have to rush into unknown waters and sign up for coverage that doesn’t start until January 1, 2014. Because these health plans are new, it would be prudent to avoid immediately enrolling until the health plans have been reviewed and all the details are known.


Are Hospitals Tweeting Out Your Private Information?

The attending emergency room physician slipped her camera phone out of her pocket, focused on the patient’s leg and snapped a picture. As the patient sat in slightly stunned silence, the doctor posted the picture to her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages with the caption, “Has anyone ever seen a nasty leg rash like this before?”


ObamaCare cuts MediCare reimbursements

When we look at what has been called “cuts” to Medicare, it is evident that the changes to Medicare spending are on the provider side, not the beneficiary side.


Why do we need healthcare reform?

The U.S. does a decent job of helping a variety of different groups of people get access and affordable healthcare through either insurance or direct aid. Folks in the middle are at the mercy of the market place.


Hospitals offer cash discounts. Do health insurance companies receive the same discounts?

How do we know the insurance companies aren’t getting the same cash discount? If the hospital accepts $500 from the patient to satisfy the bill, has the plan member they really met their deductible?


California hospitals prohibited from hiring doctors

It is a little known fact that California is one of a handful of states that prohibits the direct employment of doctors by hospitals.


How do I find the cost of outpatient medical services?

How much does it cost to have a baby in Sacramento, have knee surgery, MRI or simple office visit. The Anthem Blue Cross cost comparison tool may help pinpoint some answers.


Emergency Rooms: The New Debt Collection Office

Can you really blame the hospitals for being aggressive about collecting debt? Even non-profit hospitals need money to pay the bills.


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