Calculating IRS individual mandate health insurance penalty

The IRS gives you a yellow penalty card for not maintaining minimum essential health insurance coverage.

  Anyone who did not have health insurance for a period of more than three months during 2014 will have to pay a penalty on their IRS federal tax return. This penalty is also known as Affordable Care Act Shared Responsibility Payment. The ACA has given taxpayers who went without having health insurance for a period during […]


An alternative to the Individual Mandate

Individual Mandate Alternative

The Individual Mandate of the Affordable Care Act psychologically chafes folks who don’t appreciate the government telling them what they have to purchase. Count me in that segment. If one of the goals of the Individual Mandate is to make people take responsibility for expensive health care, an alternative might be an unforgivable tax liability on those people who have chosen to forego health insurance and incur large medical expanses that go unpaid.