Covered California promotes annoying telemarketing constest

Covered California contest will help winners place annoying sales calls to prospects.

Covered California solidified its role as a big marketing machine for health insurance by announcing a contest to promote its Small Business Health Option Program or SHOP. The top producer of quotes for the Covered California small group health plans will win 100 hours of telemarketing according a sales seminar slide shown during their seventh sales […]


Mandatory Group Health Plan Employee Notification under ACA

All employees need to be notified of the new health insurance market place and potential eligibility for premium assistance through the new ACA health plans.

The Affordable Care Act requires that notices about the health insurance exchanges have to be given to current workers no later than Oct. 1, 2013. The notices have to be given to new workers on the day they are hired.


Sole Proprietor Small Group Plans Dropped Under Health Care Reform

Even musicians could qualify for sole proprietor small group plans.

Sole proprietors with small group plans might be surprised when they are notified that their current health insurance company will be discontinuing their coverage in 2014. With the advent of guarantee issue individual and family plans under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), some carriers have already decided to discontinue issuing small group plans to sole proprietors.


New Covered California Small Business Plans Look Competitive

Covered California small business plans will offer competitive choices for employers

Covered California released their small business health option plans (SHOP) for small employers and they might prove competitive for some companies with less than 50 employees. There will absolutely be small businesses that will not participate because they don’t want to support any government bureaucracy, even if it is to their benefit.


Covered California Loses Sales Director Michael Lujan

Michael Lujan former Director of Sales and Marketing for Covered California.

From past experience, Lujan’s focus has been in the small business group market and that was the area he was initially brought in to manage. In recent months it has become evident that SHOP may not play as well as some people had anticipated. On top of the nervousness from small businesses and their lack of enthusiasm over the ACA, Anthem Blue Cross announced they won’t participate in SHOP.


Covered California funds massive outreach and education effort

The overwhelming majority of the funds in the individual market are allocated to organizations targeting specific counties to promote Covered California.


Covered California builds small business group plans with PCMI

Covered California builds small group health insurance exchange.

While having a fully functional small business Covered California portal is important, it still remains to be seen how many of the estimated 375,000 small businesses in California will actually participate to set up health insurance plans for employees.