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Inputs for calculating your health insurance premium assistance amount

The formula for determining how much premium assistance, also known as the Affordable Care Act premium tax credits (PTC), to lower your monthly health bill is complicated. At its core the formula uses the inputs of your age, MAGI, a special contribution percentage and the annual cost of the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan. Plugged into the formula, these inputs determine if any Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC) will be awarded to reduce your health insurance premium. Some people are surprised to learn they don’t qualify for any APTC even though their MAGI is below 400% of the federal poverty level.

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Understanding the new California pharmacy prescription drug cap

Individual and family plans offered through Covered California in 2016 will include new pharmacy prescription drug benefits. The benefit, also mirrored in many off-exchange health plans, caps the amount a consumer must pay every month for a particular prescription. While that sounds straight forward, the rules surrounding any pharmacy deductible and tiered drug formulary can be complicated and confusing.

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