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Welcome to Insure Me Kevin, the website and blog of Kevin Knauss. The main focus of the website is health insurance, but I’ve expanded it to include content I’ve written on hiking, history, business, social media and a variety of other topics.

The content on this site is broken into three categories: pages, posts and files.

Pages include a high level over view of the specific topic or they are a place holder for links to posts and other sites. All the pages can be accessed from the main menu above.

Posts are detailed articles, instructions or stories that I’ve written on a specific topic. The post categories are located in the menu bar at the top of the website. Posts are more “current events” and might dive into topics of the provider networks, instruction on how to update your Covered California account or recount a historical hike I’ve taken in California. Most recent posts for a specific category can be viewed by selecting one of the topics from the drop down menus.

Files are documents that either I created or were develop by another organization. All of the files have been referenced on different pages or posts. All these files are free to be

Search for files to download on Insure Me Kevin website.

Search for files to download on Insure Me Kevin website.

downloaded as they are informational in nature.

Kevin Knauss is an


  • Blogger
  • Educator
  • Health & Life Insurance Agent

See my latest blog posts on Insure Me Kevin.  I also maintain the California Health Agents’ & Brokers’ Guild website.

I am a big advocate for the healthcare reform and writing about how it will help people get insurance and stay healthy. Along with that are the many important topics surrounding Medicare. My mission is to answer people’s questions. If you have a question or need something researched, let me know and perhaps we can put together a blog that will be helpful to others.

The Insure Me Kevin website is here to answer your questions and allow you to learn who I am. If you want to talk about health or life insurance, read my Pledge below. You can use the links to get a quote or you can email me or call.

My Pledge to my clients:
  1. I will respect your time and decisions.
  2. I will not try to sell you something you do not want or need.
  3. I will not call you after 5pm unless you ask me to.

Affordable Care Act Agent Code of Conduct Pledge

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When you enter information into the system for an on-line quote your information will not be sold, transferred or shared with any other agents, brokers or agencies. These links are for individual, family, dental, vision quotes and Medicare Supplements. If you would like a quote on Medicare Advantage or Small Group, you will need to contact me directly.


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