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Covered California considers advertising vision insurance plans

At the August 2015 Covered California Board meeting James DeBeneditti, Deputy Director of Plan Management, reviewed the options and challenges for offering vision insurance on the Covered California online enrollment website. The only viable option reported was to put a simple link on the Covered California website to vision insurance providers. For the inclusion of the hyperlink Covered California would charge $10,000 and take a 10% commission. The $10,000 implementation fee is essentially an advertising cost for the vision plan while Covered California acts like an unlicensed insurance agent collecting a 10% commission for selling vision insurance.

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Most California Navigators failed to meet 2015 enrollment goals

A review of Covered California Navigator enrollment and payment data for 2015 reveals that a majority of organizations awarded grant money to enroll individuals and families in qualified health plans failed to meet their enrollment goals stipulated in the grant award agreements. Fifty-five of the Sixty-five organizations listed that received Navigator grants failed to meet […]

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