Birth place of Rush Limbaugh, KFBK, set to move studios


Distinctly post-modern, where form does not follow function.

Clear Channel Communications, parent company to Sacramento radio stations KFBK and KSTE, is set to move their long time studios from 1440 Ethan Way to 1545 River Park Drive, – the new home of Clear Channel Sacramento. I recently had a chance to visit with Jeff Fekete, MSS/Senior Account Executive, and take a short tour of the Ethan way studios.

Form follows function

Built in the late 1970’s, the building is a good example of post modern office space design. Unfortunately, the architects took the term “space” a little too literal. The original building design was a reflection of the concept of a series of round work pods with a central gathering point. While the design can be pleasing to the eye, the round walls, exterior and interior, just lead to wasted space. Ultimately, round pod forms do not accommodate office work function very well.

The cradle of Rush Limbaugh

Architects often hope that there designs will shape opinion and generate creativity. I think it is fair to say that the post-modern architect of the KFBK studios did little to promote a progressive philosophy of Rush Limbaugh as he started his show in Sacramento back in 1984. However, Rush has been very creative and successful in his radio career, so perhaps those old funky studios had an influence.

The folks I talked to at the Clear Channel were pretty excited to be moving. While there was a little nostalgia, they are looking to be more productive and efficient in their new home.

A few quick photos…