Bodie ghost town, images from the past

I thought this was the old saloon, which would explain the lean.

We took the trip years ago when my son was little. What could be better than visiting a ghost town. Bodie is a remarkable place if you like history and old mining ghost towns. It a state of arrested decay, the place still feels like a town. Like many visitors, I was thoroughly enchanted with the atmosphere. My son, on the other hand, was intrigued, but confessed later that he feared we might leave him behind.

Down the road from Mono Lake, Bodie State Historical Park is worth a visit. As buildings fall down the Parks Department will not recreate them. They are letting the decay happen naturally so don’t delay making travel plans. While the town will not fall down over night, each year, a little more is lost. My black and white photos seemed more fitting for the old ghost town of Bodie.