Careers that Require Life Insurance

airline pilot prepares for takeoff

Airline pilot prepares for takeoff.

Careers that Require Life Insurance

Sooner or later, there may come a point in your life when it is necessary to get life insurance. There are many reasons to get life insurance, such as needing to provide financial security for loved ones in the event of an unfortunate death and covering of the expenses of funeral costs and estate handling. Some life insurance plans have a pensions or savings component that can provide a source of income during retirement. Life insurance is also used to protect a business in case of an untimely death of a business partner.

Perhaps you may think you have a difficult job typing away in front of computer or dragging yourself out of bed for the morning commute to the office. Or, maybe you do a job that requires a high degree of physical labor. Then, there are those who head off to work, putting themselves in harms ways or working a high-risk job on a daily basis. Perhaps you are at a point in your life in which you are trying to decide on a career pathway. Check out for career guidance and information on degree programs.

Below is a list of jobs that are dangerous and have some of the high rates of death in the job field. Individuals in these job roles are highly recommended to purchase life insurance. lists some of the most dangerous jobs. Here are careers that require life insurance:

  • Airplane Pilots – I’m sure it is not surprising to many that airplane pilots make this list, with this profession requiring the guidance of heavy amounts of machinery with very little room for error. While airplane accidents are rare compared to other modes of transportation, pilots spend enough time flying on a weekly basis to increase the statistical odds of dying in the accident. Also, when airplane accidents do happen, they tend to be fatal.
  • Fishermen – At a rate of 116 deaths per 100,000 workers, the fishing profession ranks as the most dangerous in the world. Fisherman have to work long hours and do work that is very strenuous and physically demanding. With operating heavy equipment and encountering highly variable and often extreme weather, the working environment of fisherman is very hazardous. Also, much of the work in the fishing profession is seasonal, which means that there are many less experienced fishermen in the field who do not fully follow all necessary safety protocol.
  • Construction Workers – Construction workers are often not fully appreciated for the work that they do, especially in light of the fact that they frequently operate in a dangerous working environment. There are many life-threatening risks that construction works encounter on the job, such as operating dangerous equipment, working at tall heights, and doing work in extreme temperatures.
  • Firefighters – Firefighters often work in life-threatening conditions. They frequenting put themselves in harm’s way by putting out fires and saving people from burning buildings. Facing the threat of death from severe burns or harmful smoke inhalation, most firefighters have a life insurance policy.
  • Police Officers – Every year, police officers are killed in the line of duty. In protecting citizens and keeping neighborhoods safe and secure, police officers face potentially dangerous and life-threatening conditions on the job on an almost daily basis.

Additional Careers

There are many other dangerous careers that require life insurance. This includes farm workers, industrial machine workers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, mining machine operators, and logging workers.