Covered California considers advertising vision insurance plans

Covered California ponders offering vision insurance on their website in 2016.

At the August 2015 Covered California Board meeting James DeBeneditti, Deputy Director of Plan Management, reviewed the options and challenges for offering vision insurance on the Covered California online enrollment website. The only viable option reported was to put a simple link on the Covered California website to vision insurance providers. For the inclusion of the hyperlink Covered California would charge $10,000 and take a 10% commission. The $10,000 implementation fee is essentially an advertising cost for the vision plan while Covered California acts like an unlicensed insurance agent collecting a 10% commission for selling vision insurance.


A Little collection of clock and watch books

My little collection of clock and watch books.

For people interested in the history or collecting mechanical clocks and watches, there is no better source of information than printed books on the subject. Just as mechanical clocks have become a relic of the past, so have the many books written as historical reference guides also diminished in availability. Over the years I’ve collected […]


California health plans hide children’s dental and vision providers

California health plans hide pediatric dental and vision providers  from members.

Tucked into every individual and family health plan in California are some very good dental benefits for children. Unfortunately, the health plans don’t make it very easy to identify which dentists will accept the pediatric dental insurance that comes standard for dependents under 19 years of age. If a parent doesn’t select the correct plan […]


IRS waives Covered California incorrect 1095-A tax collection

California tax payers who filed with incorrect 1095-As from Covered California will not be subject to the collection of excess ACA tax credits.

The Treasury Department has decided to expand their February 24 announcement waiving collection of under reported health insurance tax credits to states that are running their own Marketplace exchanges. Tax payers who already filed their tax returns using incorrect 1095-As issued by Covered California will not be subject to the collection of excess Advance Premium […]


California Transgender Health Insurance Survey

California transgender health insurance survey.

With the passage of the Insurance Gender Nondiscrimination Act (IGNA), also known as AB 1586, all California health insurance plans must cover medically necessary transgender health care services. Unfortunately, many health plan customer service representatives and many health care providers are not aware of the law and have erroneously denied or delayed coverage and treatment […]


ACA prompts depression, thoughts of suicide for frustrated individuals

Numerous glitches with ACA health insurance is causing depression and thoughts of suicide for some people.

The Affordable Care Act has helped provide health insurance to millions of America’s citizens and residents. The accompanying bureaucracy has also created mental health meltdowns for thousands of individuals and families. Through a series of website glitches, bureaucratic rules and purposely designed narrow provider networks, the ACA is delivering unparalleled amounts of stress, anxiety, and for […]


Covered California dumps dental plans for 2015

Covered California quietly announced that family dental plans will not be offered in 2015.

Covered California has quietly announced that they will not be offering individual and family dental plans through the exchange in 2015. The dumping of the family dental plan options comes after Covered California released a whole dental plan booklet of family dental plans in August of 2014. No reason was given as to why the dental plans will […]


How is the 1095-A monthly ACA tax credit calculated?

The ACA tax credit first starts with estimating the household's affordable contribution to their health insurance premium.

The 1095-A Health Insurance Marketplace Statement doesn’t give a clue on how the Monthly Advance Payment of Premium Tax Credit is calculated. Even though consumers who purchased health insurance through the Marketplace entered their Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) into the enrollment system, this income in not listed on the 1095-A they receive. The MAGI […]


Anthem Blue Cross includes transgender services in Evidence of Coverage

Anthem Blue Cross includes transgender services language in new Evidence of Coverage documents.

Anthem Blue Cross of California has included a section called Transgender Services in their Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents for individual and family plans offered in California for 2015. While the seven paragraph section doesn’t provide a lot of details, it is a major step toward recognizing that individual plans must include such coverage to address the medically […]


We need open enrollment rules for Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors and hospitals should have to commit to provide health cares services for a full year.

With the announcement that Blue Shield of California may be dropping Sutter Health physicians and hospitals from their list of network providers in Northern California, Blue Shield members are wondering if their health plans are any good. For all the good of health care reform under the Affordable Care Act consumers are learning that doctors […]