Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Justice Forever

It seems like a simple motif for postage stamps: Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Justice Forever. So why was I so surprised when I opened a new roll of stamps and saw them? I suppose I expected wildflowers, famous Americans or Hawaiian shirts like the post card stamps.

What I saw was America distilled down to four words that we all cherish, with the caveat of Forever. Yes, this was America. Perhaps not all of us feel the totality of each of those words in our lives today, but they are the promise that America holds.

How odd it was that those four little stamps, with those four little words could make pride and patriotism bubble up inside me. I believe in those words. I work for those words. I want my neighbors to have those words.

As we come into the 2012 election cycle these four little words with their big philosophical meanings will be used repeatedly by innumerable candidates. I will, and I must, respect that those words are as important to each of them as they are to me.

I placed each of those little stamps with a little more precision than I normally do on my letters. For some reason, I wanted each of those stamps to be prominent and carry forth the message that I believed in: Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Justice…Forever!

**Feel free to copy any of the stamp images if you want to use them as profile pictures as I have done on my twitter account @insuremekevin

  • Frank Casanova

    Whole-heartedly agree with your sentiments Kevin. What American wouldn’t? Here’s my hesitation. Most Americans don’t realize that America is an experiment. This country is not the “Norm” for this planet. The typical situation on this globe is a Sovereign / Dictatorship / Warlord form of government. One-Man, One-Vote democracy is an experiment. And a fragile one. It can be gone in the blink of an eye…and we go back to the “Norm”. So the “Forever” part?… I hope so.

    • Kevin Knauss

      There have been times in our history when those 4 words were compromised unbeknownst to many Americans. My optimism is that we have always been able to right the ship and tack a true course once again.

      • Frank Casanova

        That has been amazingly true. The USA seems to have always found the right people at the right time.

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  • Paul

    Unfortunately, with homosexual domestic partnerships attempting to be “equal” to marriage, the “Equality Forever” stamp could be construed as acceptance of this trend. Therefore, because of its potential confusion, I can’t in good conscience use those stamps.

    • Kevin Knauss

      I suppose one could make a similar argument if you were against the emancipation proclamation and women’s suffrage.

  • Jim in Austin

    Justice Forever ? To the Post Office, forever is next year !!!

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