Medicare Supplement plans to receive rebates

Anthem Blue Cross of California, a division of Wellpoint, announced that under Medical Loss Ratio rules, some of their members with Medicare Supplement plans will be receiving refund checks. Currently, if Medicare Supplement plans spend less than 65% of their revenue on medical care, 75% in the group market, they must refund the difference to policy holders.

Refunds for Anthem Blue Cross members in certain plans in five states (California, Colorado, Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin) will begin receiving rebates August 13, 2012. The refunds will range from $8.00 to $1,780.00. This refund applies only to certain plans where the member was enrolled as of December 31, 2011.

Senator Kerry (D-MA) and House Representative Stark (D-CA) have introduced legislation (S.1416 in the Senate and H.R. 2645 in the House) to raise the MLR on Medicare Supplement plans (also know as Medigap) to percentages that mirror the individual and group MLR ratios of the ACA (80% and 85% respectively). The bills have not been acted upon by either the Senate of the House.

For more information about the Medicare Supplement refunds, Anthem is instructing members to call the following phone numbers:

  • Will

    Seems like if companies got to keep these profits then this would lead to lower premiums. The market is really competitive so someone would give up the profit margin in order to gain more customers.

    • Kevin Knauss

      In general, the market is very competitive, at least in California. Because we don’t know exactly which plans are getting refunds, it is hard to say how the retention of the money would effect pricing. I’m kind of surprised in the minimal cost difference between plans some of the plans that have dramatically different deductibles. So it might be with some of the higher deductible plans with low payouts that actually got caught in the MLR lasso.

    • DL

      What planet on you living on?

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