Why I blog, It’s not to piss you off

My son reads his Kindle in between movies pretending not to notice all the folks in character for Rocky Horror.

I have always been told that if you want to be successful you need to follow your passion. Your passion never seems like work. After I got my website up for my business I read that blogging drives page views as people search for topics you blog about. I’ve always enjoyed writing so blogging was fairly easy for me to kick start and add to my website.

Business blogs are boring

Blogging exclusively about business gets really boring, really fast. To diversify and break up the monotony, I started composing blogs around trips, community events and local businesses. Once I overcame the initial inertia and structure to blogging, it has become very easy to pull a blog together in half a day. The time consuming part is editing the pictures for quick loading on the site.

A corrupting influence on my 15 year old son

The cool aspect of blogging is I can promote or review different events. My whole family went to the free showing of the Rocky Horror Picture show at Sutter’s Landing Park in Sacramento. Hoppy Brewing provided the beer that was a fundraiser for the Gender Health Center. There were 500 + of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. We all hung out together watching Stingray Sam, old personal hygiene movies from the ’50’s and a short dance from the Sacramento Sirens. The midnight showing of Rocky was typical with audience response, rice, toast and the pelvic thrust. Thank you city councilman Steve Cohn for working to pull a wonderful community event together.

Gossip isn’t fact

Another ingredient, for better or worse, is my compulsion to combat misinformation, myths and misunderstandings. While you can’t believe everything you read, see or hear on the Internet, you can usually triangulate different sources to verify a claim. Consequently, I find myself researching topics to provide clear information in blogs so people can make informed decisions.

This all segues into opinion and editorial blogging. I am not writing to piss off anyone. Usually, I have read a comment that screams, “Reply to me.” How many times have you thought of all the common sense reasons against a comment or you understand the historical context that is missing from the information? Someone needs to educate the world; it may as well be you.

He really took his son to Rocky Horror?

The significant downside to opinion blogging is that you alienate people. While I am never intentionally mean, I am sure I have lost more business than I have gained by my blog posts. For what it’s worth, I am being honest about who I am and what I believe in. I am tired of phony people. If you believe in something, walk the walk and write the right. Everything else will fall into place.

A blog a day, that’s all we ask

Part of my passion in life is to write and blog. It makes me happy. If in the course of pursuing one of my small passions you learn something about me that’s great. If it actually attracts a client to me: even better. Just remember, I am not blogging to anger you, just to spread a little information that I hope will at times answer a question or put a smile on someone’s face.

To become proficient in blogging is like becoming proficient at building bombs: eventually you’ll have one blow up in your face.

  • Gerry*Wendel (@modlandUSA)

    Bravo! Yes, the whole point of blogging IS being you. The bigger issue is “how much of you do you want to make public?” …you didn’t mention if your kids like RHPS; did they? There are some important lessons coming at us in that film that all of us can learn from.

    • Kevin Knauss

      Excellent point Gerry. I really admire folks who can write persuasively and only slightly dip into their persona. Everyone needs to find a level of engagement that they are comfortable with. Just because I talk about my family in a blog post doesn’t mean that is best for everyone. Similarly, I make other people’s privacy a high priority for me.

      As for my son, he said he had a hard time following the plot with all the audience participation. But in general, he liked the music and the fun atmosphere of all the great people.

  • randy owens

    I agree with you about blogging. It is fun and good practice. And I will only blog about what I am interested in. And I love RHPS and the messages in the movie, especially the alternate UK ending where Janet sings about Superheroes coming to “feast upon the flesh not yet deceased and all I know is still inside the beast is feeding”. The loss of innocence and the realization of being used resonates with a lot of people. I saw the movie first when I was 16 at my girlfriend’s behest and I loved the music, the outrageous Tim Curry and Patricia Quinn. I own the DVD and watch it every couple of years. It’s amazing how many people haven’t heard of it.
    And one more movie I highly recommend is Hedwig and The Angry Inch. The music is outstanding and the message about not denying your inner self and realizing that another person cannot make you whole also resonates deeply. The message turns out to be positive compared to RHPS it is funny and moving.

    • Kevin Knauss

      Sounds like you have a passion for reviewing movies. Not sure if it is by design, coincidence or the gravity of association, but it is interesting how so many people I know think RHPS is a great flick with good meaning. The things you learn from blogging.

  • Jerry KennedyJerry Kennedy

    Love it, Kevin! And, in the long-run, you’re going to end up finding that your blog attracts more new clients than it repels. Sometimes, it just takes a while for your people to find you. :-)