Uniting the States with ACA and Gay Marriage Decisions

United means that all states must respect constitutional rights and liberties.

Two Supreme Court opinions involving the Affordable Care Act and gay marriage have the net effect of uniting the states to act as one country. The tenth amendment to the constitution gives a fair amount of power to the states to enact laws that can directly conflict or undermine national policy set by the federal […]


Placer County Grand Jury 2015 Final Report

Placer County Grand Jury Final Report 2014 - 2015

The Final Report contains the results of the 2014 – 2015 Placer County Grand Jury’s investigations as required by law, those requested by citizens, and those internally generated by the Grand Jury. The Placer County Grand Jury undertook sixteen investigations during its one year term. The consolidated report includes the individual reports on those investigations, […]


Granite Bay goes brown to conserve water during 2015 Drought

Granite Bay goes brown to conserve water.

As opposed to drought shaming I decided to highlight the many properties near Folsom Lake who were going the extra mile to conserve water during our nasty drought of 2015. The Granite Bay area and the San Juan Water District retail service area have been singled out for some of the highest per capita water use in […]


City of Auburn utility box micro murals

City of Auburn utility box micro mural project.

Large ugly street side utility boxes are a necessary evil for our automobile-centered communities. They control stop lights, cross walk signals and attract graffiti and posters like ants to sugar. The City of Auburn, CA has moved to embrace the refrigerator size utility boxes by having local artists paint micro murals on them. The results […]


South Yuba Trail at North Bloomfield Road

Hiking and swimming along the South Yuba Trail in Nevada County.

The South Yuba Trail beginning at Edwards Crossing outside of Nevada City is a popular hiking and swimming destination. To the west of the Edwards Crossing Bridge, built in 1903, is a short hike to the Spring Creek Water which is nice when the water is flowing. On the south side of the South Yuba […]


Sacramento Bee doubles subscription price in two years

Sacramento Bee subscription rates double in two years.

I opened my latest May 2015 Sacramento Bee home delivery subscription invoice and was surprised at the rate increase. In just three months (February to May 2015) the weekly rate had jumped from $7.48 to $9.18 per week. That’s a 19% increase which included a recently designed format with what appears to be less content. […]


Hiking through King Fire Burn Zone El Dorado County

Hiking through the burn zone of the King fire in El Dorado National Forest.

The motivation for the hike into the burn zone of the 2014 King fire in El Dorado County was to hunt for morel mushrooms. My son, who enjoys mushroom hunting, had read morels flourish after forest fires. While we found no morels, we were able to experience the desolation and destruction by one of El […]


Placer County homeless campground open for summer shelter


The Placer County Dewitt Center Homeless Camp is now open for summer shelter. Located close to essential services such as the Welcome Center, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance and Mental Health Substance Abuse Support programs, this homeless camp located in north Auburn has become a popular spot for Placer County residents with no permanent housing. But […]


Residents must conserve so Placer County can sell water to Bay Area

Placer county American River water to be sold to East Bay MUD as Placer County residents are forced to conserved and some Californians have no water in their homes.

In a May 18th op-ed in the Sacramento Bee Even in a drought, selling some water makes sense, Einar Maisch, General Manager of the Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) argued his agency was merely fulfilling their environmental duty to release 12,000 acre feet of water into the American River so it can be sold to […]


A Little collection of clock and watch books

My little collection of clock and watch books.

For people interested in the history or collecting mechanical clocks and watches, there is no better source of information than printed books on the subject. Just as mechanical clocks have become a relic of the past, so have the many books written as historical reference guides also diminished in availability. Over the years I’ve collected […]