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Tiny town of Forks loves Twilight vampires

Posted July 20, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Native to Twilight sign for Native American products in Forks, Washington.

Half the fun of a vacation is being pleasantly surprised by unexpected experiences. As we drove into the small hamlet of Forks, Washington, you could tell the local merchants had adopted the teenage vampire saga Twilight as their claim to fame. Even the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at was on a mission to incorporate […]

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Quiet Pride Parade for Sacramento Intactivists

Posted June 15, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Kevin Knauss and local Sacramentan Alex at the Sacramento Pride Parade staging area.

In a moment of exuberant passion for the cause of educating people about the stupidity of routine infant circumcision, I signed up the nascent Sacramento Intactivist group to march in the Sacramento Pride Parade. I walked in last year’s San Francisco Pride Parade with over 50 committed Intactivists and figured we could muster at least […]

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Acupuncture for all, my trip to the acupuncturist

Posted April 22, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Cupping at Dr. Pan acupuncture office Granite Bay, CA

All new ACA health plans include acupuncture as a covered health care service in California. So what is it like to receive acupuncture and can it potentially help relieve medical challenges that some of us face? I decided to try out this traditional Chinese medicine to see if it would alleviate the pain in my neck.

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Starbucks turns drought water into big cash flow

Posted April 20, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Even in drought, Starbucks finds great cash flow from Folsom Lake water.

How much is water worth? For Starbucks, they are able to take $0.66 worth of Folsom Lake water and convert it into $11,668.80 dollars. The San Juan Water District, who treats and delivers drought depleted Folsom Lake water to residential and commercial customers, is asking homeowners to use less water and pay more for it while company’s like Starbucks generate handsome revenues from residential conservation. The current and proposed Stage 3 Water Warning rate structure continues to have residential customers pay more per unit than Starbucks and other commercial uses who use the water to create revenue and profits.

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Wonderful diversity at UC Davis Picnic Day and Parade

Posted April 17, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
American flag on roller blades, UC Davis Picnic Day Parade.

For years the UC Davis Picnic Day parade name has belied the truth of the event. Far from a mid-western farm festival, the Picnic Day parade has consistently had the most diverse participants of any celebration I’ve attended. The parade is a spectrometer of the local area showing the variety of community and religious groups, liberal protests, conservative causes, campus groups and parade music from different bands. All of these folks from different races, cultures, religions and political philosophies walking together down the parade route. This is America. This why I keep coming back to Picnic Day. This renews my faith and hope for the future of humanity.

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A visit to Blue Shield to fix the billing issues

Posted April 16, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Rattling the corporate cage of Blue Shield to fix billing problems with the ACA.

To be honest, I was fully prepared to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the Blue Shield of California corporate offices in El Dorado Hills. Numerous phone calls and emails on behalf of a client who had made his monthly premiums like clockwork, only to have his health insurance cancel, resulted in hollow promises and no action by Blue Shield to resolve the billing and cancellation nightmare. My last hope to help restore the health insurance for my long distance truck driving client was to rattle the corporate cage of the carrier.

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The journey of a Nigerian transgender man.

Occasionally we all need a reminder that our lives are not the center of the universe and our neighbor’s journey may have had challenges that would make most us wilt. Rizi Timane’s ebook “An Unspoken Compromise” is a short but illuminating account of his journey from young Nigerian girl to adult man. As a transgender man, the unspoken compromise allows the author to maintain a silk thin connection with his fundamentalist Christian parents as he finally transitions in the United States.

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Home brew citrus flavored water

Posted March 30, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Powdered hibiscus give the citrus flavored water a cranberry color.

I’ll admit that I’m addicted to flavored water. For years I have been buying Aquafina Flavor Splash and recently started purchasing Mio Orange Tangerine Liquid Enhancer concentrate. When I looked at the ingredients of these two products I realized that I could make a similar concentrated to flavor water at home. While my home brew chemical mixture isn’t quite as perfect as the store bought products, it tastes good and it’s fun to tinker with the ingredients.

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Sony Vaio Fit 15E fails at wi-fi

Posted March 29, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Sony Vaio Fit 15E failed wi-fi connection.

I was visited by everyone’s worst nightmare; a computer that crashes in the middle of a vital project. As I browsed the local computer store, I decided to lean on the old adage of “you get what you pay for” and decided to pay the extra money for a Sony Vaio Fit 15E. Much to my surprise, I got less than what I paid for as this Sony notebook computer fails at the critical task of maintaining a wireless or wi-fi connection for more than a couple of minutes.

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Roasted roots in olive oil

Posted March 20, 2014 By Kevin Knauss
Raw roots and stalks easily roasted for flavorful vegetarian meal.

Several years ago I discovered that roasting vegetables was relatively easy and quite flavorful. While I roast roots as part of a vegetarian main dish, they can easily be a side accompaniment with a meat selection. Roasting root and stalk vegetables really concentrates the flavors and the fiber provides for a filling meal. Best of all for this old man, the hardest part is just cutting up all the roots.

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