Searching for George Reppert’s grave site at Folsom Lake

Put a cross on it and it looks like a burial mound to me.

From the shoreline of Granite Bay Beach Park at Folsom Lake you can probably see where Mr. Reppert was buried in 1849 in an unmarked grave far away from home and family. The death and burial of this … [Read more...]


Quiet Pride Parade for Sacramento Intactivists

Kevin Knauss and local Sacramentan Alex at the Sacramento Pride Parade staging area.

In a moment of exuberant passion for the cause of educating people about the stupidity of routine infant circumcision, I signed up the nascent Sacramento Intactivist group to march in the Sacramento … [Read more...]


Starbucks turns drought water into big cash flow

Even in drought, Starbucks finds great cash flow from Folsom Lake water.

How much is water worth? For Starbucks, they are able to take $0.66 worth of Folsom Lake water and convert it into $11,668.80 dollars. The San Juan Water District, who treats and delivers drought … [Read more...]