Covered California funds Navigator program, cuts agent compensation

Covered California has cut agent compensation to agents for Medi-Cal enrollments while funding the underperforming Navigator program for 2015-16.

Covered California announced in mid-July they were awarding $10 million in grants to a Navigator program that performed poorly in 2015. Two weeks later Covered California sent out a letter to agents that they would no longer be compensated for assisting individuals and families who are determined eligible for Medi-Cal. For the 2015 open enrollment […]


Appointing a Medi-Cal Authorized Representative

Appointing an Authorized Medi-Cal Representative.

Of the nearly 3 million Californian’s enrolled in Medi-Cal, Covered California estimates that approximately 2 million became newly eligible under the ACA expanded Medi-Cal rules. Many of the new Medi-Cal members are working families and individuals. They have little time to sit on hold with their local county social services department to correct Medi-Cal errors […]


Updates to Covered California enrollment software for spring 2015

Updates to Covered California CalHEERS enrollment software for spring 2015.

A year and half after the launch of Covered California the CalHEERS enrollment website is still a work in progress. Covered California released more instructional briefs on changes they’ve made to the California Health Enrollment Eligibility Retention System (CalHEERS) website. Just when Certified Insurance Agents thought they had figured out how to navigate CalHEERS, new […]


How much do health insurance agents earn?

Health insurance agents will work for food since the commission are so low.

There was time when an insurance agent could make a decent living enrolling individuals, families and small groups into health insurance plans. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent downward pressure on commission rates, agents can still earn a living selling health insurance but it is not without its challenges. The […]


Agent begs to be paid Covered California SHOP commissions

Kevin Knauss addresses Covered California Board over late SHOP commission payments.

  I’m not above begging. That is essentially what I did when I addressed the Covered California Board at their March 5, 2015 meeting. Since I have not been paid a commission from Covered California’s small group SHOP division in over eight months, I was politely requesting if someone could look into the situation. My […]


My dead beat dad: Covered California SHOP

Covered California SHOP reminds me of my dead beat dad; I don't hear from them and they owe me money.

It’s been over seven months since I heard anything from Covered California’s SHOP program and the commissions they owe me from the small group I helped enroll in their small business health options program. The lack of communication from SHOP is a flash back to over forty years ago when I wouldn’t hear from my […]


Agent seeks class action lawsuit against Covered California

Agent seeks class action law suit against Covered California.

Certified Insurance Agent John Dickey, who is already taking Covered California to small claims court, is now in conversations with a Southern California law firm to potentially file a class action lawsuit against Covered California on behalf of agents who suffered a loss of income because of the numerous problems during open enrollment for 2014. Dickey’s […]


Health agent sues Covered California for damages

Health agent sues Covered California in small claims court.

      It is no news to the first wave of Covered California Certified Insurance Agents in 2013 that Californias online health insurance exchange was not ready for business. The number one complaint from agents was they were not receiving credit, and ultimately commissions, from the numerous individual and family enrollments they were performing. […]


Covered California promotes annoying telemarketing constest

Covered California contest will help winners place annoying sales calls to prospects.

Covered California solidified its role as a big marketing machine for health insurance by announcing a contest to promote its Small Business Health Option Program or SHOP. The top producer of quotes for the Covered California small group health plans will win 100 hours of telemarketing according a sales seminar slide shown during their seventh sales […]


More cuts to health agent commissions, can independents survive?

Health insurance commissions continue to erode, pushing out the independent agent.

The commission structure for individual and family plans has been on a steady decline since the Affordable Care Act began to be implemented in 2011. As the commissions to agents have decreased, the request from clients for assistance has increased. Now a major carrier has announced a reduction in commissions for small group plans. There […]