Assurant Health insurance will exit California

Assurant Health to close up or sell by end of 2015.

While some health insurance companies are thriving under the ACA with record enrollment numbers, Assurant, Inc. announced they will either sell their health insurance business, Assurance Health, or shutter it completely. Assurant Health will not be participating in open enrollment in the fall of 2015 for new individual and family health plans in 2016. Assurant […]


How much do health insurance agents earn?

Health insurance agents will work for food since the commission are so low.

There was time when an insurance agent could make a decent living enrolling individuals, families and small groups into health insurance plans. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act and the subsequent downward pressure on commission rates, agents can still earn a living selling health insurance but it is not without its challenges. The […]


California Transgender Health Insurance Survey

California transgender health insurance survey.

With the passage of the Insurance Gender Nondiscrimination Act (IGNA), also known as AB 1586, all California health insurance plans must cover medically necessary transgender health care services. Unfortunately, many health plan customer service representatives and many health care providers are not aware of the law and have erroneously denied or delayed coverage and treatment […]


Agent seeks class action lawsuit against Covered California

Agent seeks class action law suit against Covered California.

Certified Insurance Agent John Dickey, who is already taking Covered California to small claims court, is now in conversations with a Southern California law firm to potentially file a class action lawsuit against Covered California on behalf of agents who suffered a loss of income because of the numerous problems during open enrollment for 2014. Dickey’s […]


Counselors urged to help LGBT members enroll in ACA

Resources tailored for behavioral health providers to assist LGBT individuals enroll in ACA plans.

The federal government is reaching out to behavioral health counselors and therapist to educate them on how the Affordable Care Act works so they can encourage members of the LGBT community to enroll in an ACA health plans. Sometimes the professionals who provide important health services through health plans offered through and can be the […]


More cuts to health agent commissions, can independents survive?

Health insurance commissions continue to erode, pushing out the independent agent.

The commission structure for individual and family plans has been on a steady decline since the Affordable Care Act began to be implemented in 2011. As the commissions to agents have decreased, the request from clients for assistance has increased. Now a major carrier has announced a reduction in commissions for small group plans. There […]


Concierge health care comes to south Placer County

Dr. Ray, Elite Medical Specialty Clinic, Rocklin, CA, concierge medicine.

Some folks are fortunate enough to have a long-time family physician that is always there to assist with their health care needs. But in our fractured world of health insurance many families are unable to develop a long term relationship with a doctor. A growing trend is for individuals, families and even businesses to establish a relationship with […]


Covered California health plan consumer survey

Survey of Covered California consumers and their experience with 2014 health plans.

If you purchased an Individual and Family Plan through Covered California or off-exchange directly from an insurance company or health plan, I would like you to take a short, anonymous survey on your experience with your health plan in 2014. Your participation and responses are anonymous and in no way can they be used for […]


Medicare more expensive than new ACA plans

People face higher costs for health care when they gain Medicare.

Individuals who recently acquired Parts A and Part B of Original Medicare may find they have to pay more per month than their existing ACA health plans. Under the ACA rules, once someone accepts Medicare, they must exit any ACA health plan they purchased through the exchange and the tax credits that make it affordable. […]


Health Insurance Agent and Broker Guild for California

Health agent on hold with Covered California during open enrollment.

Aside from the enumerable website issues of both and Covered California, perhaps the largest problem of the ACA open enrollment centered around accessible and reliable information concerning how to enroll for the new ACA health plans. California health agents and brokers, who were handling hundreds of client enrollments each, bore the brunt of this […]