Covered California dumps dental plans for 2015

Covered California quietly announced that family dental plans will not be offered in 2015.

Covered California has quietly announced that they will not be offering individual and family dental plans through the exchange in 2015. The dumping of the family dental plan options comes after Covered California released a whole dental plan booklet of family dental plans in August of 2014. No reason was given as to why the dental plans will […]


HSA double deductible health plans

Health Saving Accounts may require an individual to meet the family deductible which is twice the individual deductible before coinsurance is applied.

A little known provision of health plans that also are designated as being a Health Savings Account (HSA) require a single member of a family to meet double the deductible amount of an individual before coinsurance is applied to health care services. Unlike traditional family plans where any one member of the household can transition […]


Lightning strikes twice for one Covered California family

Covered California health plan nightmare strikes family twice in 2014.

One would assume that the probabilities of a second Covered California enrollment nightmare would be less than being struck by lightning. But for one family, lightning has struck not once, but twice. Covered California and Blue Shield have teamed up to disenfranchise all but one family member because the mother delivered a healthy baby boy in […]


Cigna offers individual plans outside of Covered California

Cigna California health plans

Covered California doesn’t have a monopoly on individual and family health plans in California. In addition to the carriers participating in the California exchange, Cigna is also offering health insurance outside of Covered California. Cigna is offering eleven different individual and family plan (IFP) options in California: seven Baseline Portfolio plans and four plans that mirror the Covered California standard metal tier levels for 2014. None of their plans are available through Covered California for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit.


What Type of Income is Counted for Covered California ACA Plans?

Various types of income are counted by Covered California for subsidy eligibility.

One of the biggest questions regarding eligibility for premium assistance or discounts under the new Affordable Care Act is what type of income must the applicant count? The Covered California CalHEERS enrollment website will have a drop down menu to prompt households on the type of income they should be entering for eligibility.


Field Guide to Identifying Covered California Health Plans

You must be careful which mushroom or health plan you pick. You never know which one might be deadly.

The identification of a decent health insurance plan has been like trying to identify edible mushrooms. So many mushrooms look the same: white stem with a cap on top. If you pick the wrong mushroom for dinner it could kill you, just like health insurance. Covered California has created some booklets, or field guides, to help people spot and identify the best health insurance for their family from within the new health insurance market place opening October, 2013.


Anthem Blue Cross New Simplified Dental Plans

Need some dental work? New California dental plans.

One of the spillover effects from the Affordable Care Act is that the insurance companies are streamlining not only their health insurance plans but their ancillary insurance products like dental and vision. Anthem Blue Cross has just released new dental and vision plans that are straight forward and easy to understand.


Aetna Drops Individual Health Insurance in California

Aetna hinted in their announcement that a combination of the new health insurance exchange and required benefits forced them to pull the plug on their individual plans. In recent years, Aetna has never been very competitive in terms of price with other carriers such as Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net and Blue Shield of California


Income and Family are top questions in Covered California Live Chat

Californians ask questions about new health insurance exchange.

California residents were invited to ask questions about the new Covered California health plans in a live chat held through Facebook this past Thursday. Ken Wood, Senior Advisor for Products, Marketing and Health Plan Relationships for Covered California, answered 47 questions over 90 minutes. While fourteen of the questions dealt with different aspects of the health plans being offered, the bulk of the questions focused on income requirements for the tax credits and coverage options for different family scenarios.