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Kaiser and Health Net extend Covered California payment deadline

In the wake of the billing nightmare revolving around Covered California ACA health plans, both Kaiser and Health Net have extended their payment deadlines for health plans effective for January 1, 2014. Kaiser will allow new plan members up to January 22 to receive the first month’s premium. Health Net will mirror the recently announced Anthem Blue Cross extension of January 31.


Kaiser Small Group Tax Credit Calculator

Kaiser Permanente has put together a very simple to use Affordable Care Act tax credit calculator for small groups. The calculator only works for small business groups in California. It is not calibrated for non-profits which have a different tax credit allowance for employer contributions to employee health insurance for 2014.


Kaiser Subsidy Calculator

KFF has develop this simple calculator to help people determine if they are eligible for a subsidy or advance premium tax credit for their health insurance costs. The calculator will work for all fifty states, but is not a replacement for the actual federal or state exchange where you reside.


Comparing health plans offered by Covered California

It’s hard to compare the plans side by side because of the diversity populations they serve and lack of data on some of the health insurance companies. Much of the information about the different health plans and companies is spread out over several different agencies, reports and websites.


Office visit, out patient and lab fee costs from Kaiser Northern California

It was nice to see that Kaiser of Northern California has put out an easy to read fee schedule for different office visits, procedures and lab tests.


Western Health Advantage gears up for California Exchange

The whole issue of medical underwriting, and why an applicant is declined, can frequently be a mystery to both the individual and the broker. It was refreshing to hear a discussion from the insurer of what system they were using for the determination of issuing a health insurance policy.


Western Health Advantage announces new individual plans in northern California region

Western Health Advantage (WHA), a regional HMO serving the greater Sacramento region, introduced 3 new individual health insurance plans for their service area in northern California. Up until this time, WHA has focused solely on the small and large group market. Their individual plans will reflect their existing network of hospitals and doctors.


California hospitals prohibited from hiring doctors

It is a little known fact that California is one of a handful of states that prohibits the direct employment of doctors by hospitals.


Health insurance agents support unfettered rate increases

It almost seems contrary for an association of insurance agents to openly advocate for unfettered rate increases by health insurance companies that can so drastically impact their client base.


Confession of Depression

We are talking about the type of depression that seeps into your very soul and paralyzes you from normal engagement with friends, family, co-workers, and work… I would be lying if I said I never had an ‘off’ day… Often times it is the smallest act of friendship that offers the greatest therapeutic results.


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