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My evolving skepticism about sales and business

Since there is no glimmer of hope on the horizon and I have evolved my own special contempt for managers eagerly exploiting consumers, there is little to do except walk away from the burning trash heap of marketing lies and greed.

My days as a salesman are over

My “fire in the belly”, as sales professionals call it, has been extinguished. I’ll stick to what makes the passion bubble inside of me which is helping and educating people.

Chick-fil-A PR success or disaster?

Can I be Chik-fil-A just for a day for the publicity? Dan is more than welcome to start either an appreciation day or protest against my positions.

Healthcare Reform Specialist Certificate? Marketing gimmick

Even though I have read most of the original PPACA text, blogged in support of the ACA, have a page dedicated to healthcare reform benefits on my website and sent out thousands of tweets on the #ACA, I’m not a real specialist until I pay $600.

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