Blogging to boost website traffic

Blogging, when done correct, will drive traffic to your website.

If you are a small business, nonprofit or just a person that has something to promote, your website is your virtual store or megaphone. The greatest challenge all organizations have is attracting visitors to their websites to promote their products or services. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of a good website […]


Covered California Navigator Sales Funnel Seminar 3

Covered California 2014 Bus Tour. Who are the rock stars riding it?

Covered California held their third sales seminar for enrollment partners on November 5th. While there was plenty of information for Certified Insurance Agents, it was apparent that Covered California has developed a marketing strategy to funnel sales to the Navigators. In addition to a media blitz including a bus to tour through the state, Covered […]


Is a free health agent listing enough to counter Navigator marketing?

Certified Insurance Agents listing.

With Covered California moving forward on the Navigator grant program consumers will have to contend with even more and potentially confusing marketing for ACA health plans this fall during open enrollment. The new Navigator program will allow non-profit organizations that receive grant money to create radio and TV commercials along with opening store fronts to […]


My evolving skepticism about sales and business

Faceless, nameless, marketing manipulators distort consumer information.

Since there is no glimmer of hope on the horizon and I have evolved my own special contempt for managers eagerly exploiting consumers, there is little to do except walk away from the burning trash heap of marketing lies and greed.