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Qualifying Events allow for purchase of health plan outside of open enrollment

Under the Affordable Care Act, individual and family plans (IFPs) will have coverage benefits very much like an employer sponsored small group plan. Another way in which the new IFP plans will mirror a group plan are enrollment restrictions. Individuals and families will only be able to enroll into the new IFP plans outside of open enrollment if there is a “qualifying event”.


Marriage Equality Rally Celebrates U.S. Government

DOMA was not repealed by congress. Prop 8 was not voted out by the people in a new election. No elected official introduced or passed any laws that worked to strike down DOMA or Prop 8. The un-elected justices of the Supreme Court did what no politician could; remove the discrimination against same sex couples from getting married.


Horse Rights, Gun Rights and the Swiss Constitution

Historical fate could have left us with other constitutional rights that are just as thorny as a “well armed militia.”


Gay marriage can reduce STDs

The effect of marginalizing and denying same-sex relationships and marriage has manifested itself in generations of LGBT youth not fully embracing the concepts of monogamous relationships.


Globe confirms Obama is the Hawaiian Messiah

Hawaii allows baby Jesus to be portrayed as having brown skin. We all know that the founding father of the United States of America was white.


Family Diversity

After all, marriage, as institutionalized by local and state governments, is collection of legal contracts condensed into a signature and an “I do”. Marriage is sort of like buying a happy meal at a fast food restaurant; a cheap price for a collection of individual items with a toy thrown in.


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